Role of entrepreneurship in economic development of Pakistan

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  2. Role of Entrepreneurship in Economic Development of Pakistan Entrepreneurship spurs improvements in productivity and economic competitiveness, and with technological advances and economic liberalization, the assumption that fostering entrepreneurship means promoting a country's competitiveness today appears more valid than ever
  3. Although, there are few entrepreneurs, who are playing the integral part in Pakistan economic development, but this ratio is too small. Pakistan is a growing economy, where there are lot of areas still need some attentions to capitalize, like, Pakistan is an agro-economy, but we use to work on industrial development as our first priority
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  5. According to Joseph Schumpeter (2008), entrepreneurship plays an important role in the capital and output growth of an economy and subsequently economic development
  6. An incisive appraisal of the developed countries reveals that their phenomenal economic growth was propelled by entrepreneurship, which is rightly regarded as a key to economic prosperity. Entrepreneurship is the capacity and willingness to start a new business venture and the hallmark of entrepreneurial spirit is innovation and risk taking
  7. The term social entrepreneurship is gaining popularity in its areas of development, but it may be relatively new in Pakistan. Social entrepreneurship is vital to unlock the economic inclusion and growth, fo

Role of Entrepreneurship in Economic Development of Pakista

Entrepreneurship and economic development are intimately related, Schumpeter opined that entrepreneurial process is a major factor in economic development and the entrepreneur is the key to. Entrepreneurship in pakistan Caste played an important role in certain industries and on the other hand heritage is dominant. But overall it is much diversified. Role of Entrepreneurship in Economic Development • Product evolution process-process for developing and commercializing an innovation • Iterative Synthesis-the. In Pakistan innovation and risk taking is severely inhibited by the intrusive role of government in the marketplace. From the early days of planning when protection and subsidy polic ies determined winners in the market place, entrepreneurship has been diverted to seeking government favours Keywords: Government, Society, Pakistan, Entrepreneurship, Policies, Economic Growth I. Introduction Entrepreneurship is widely common for decades in the professional world but recently, after growing steadily since 1950‟s, as downsizing and cutting of payroll forced the employees to consider other options, th

Fund. Moreover, it also suggests Women Entrepreneurship Development, that covers Start Your Pakistan's economy. SMEs play a key role in shaping national growth strategies, employment employment that showed their important role in the economic development of the country Role Of Entrepreneurship In Economic Development Amrita Dhaliwal Research Scholar at Punjabi University (UGC AND JRF Qualified) House number994,Phase3B2 Mohali (Punjab) Pin number:-160060 Email id :- amrita.dhaliwal11@yahoo.com Abstract The study tells that the entrepreneur acts as a trigger head to give spark to economic activities by hi

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Entrepreneurship is one major and most crucial source which can bring economic stability in any country. Role Of Entrepreneur In Pakistan Economy in mandatory for each business holder to be acquire. The entrepreneur has a very major and crucial role in the business because he is the one who has taken the initiative and he is the one who has. Importance and Role of Entrepreneurship In Economic Development: Entrepreneurship is a highly dynamic technique for developing incremental income and customizing things of value. It offers society with a great sort of products and services along with boosting the growth of welfare

The research was carried out to explore the contribution of universities in Sindh in the entrepreneurship development. Universities in Pakistan have a vital role in the job creation and economic development to play, because we have 60% of young population between the ages of 15 to 30 year Through entrepreneurship, local communities can start exporting their local products and create more professional collaborations. The very foundations of entrepreneurship allow for that to happen. These are just four of the many different ways entrepreneurship can help local economies and in general promote economic growth and development. Entrepreneur plays a vital role in economic development. Entrepreneurs serve as the catalysts in the process of industrialization and economic growth. Technical progress alone cannot lead to economic development, unless technological breakthroughs are put to economic use by entrepreneurs In Pakistan, women entrepreneurship is presently considered a significant tool in enabling women empowerment and emancipation. It is said that the advantages of women entrepreneurship are many and varied. The number of women entrepreneurs across the globe is rising, which is definitely good sign for families, communities and economic development of Pakistan According to the Global Entrepreneurship Development Institute, Pakistan ranks 122 out of 137 countries—the second-lowest score in Asia-Pacific and well behind all countries in the Middle East and North Africa. For comparison, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) ranks 19, with India at 69, Nigeria at 100, and Bangladesh at 133

The premium mobile role that entrepreneurs play in promoting industrial and economic development of an economy is well appreciated across the countries. In a sense, entrepreneurs are the spark plugs who transform the economic scene of an economy No country can attain economic development without the contribution of women in society. The statistics of Entrepreneurs vary from country to country. In developed countries, there are more females in entrepreneurship than in underdeveloped countries. Women can play a significant role in entrepreneurial activities Entrepreneurship is considered to enhance the productivity, capacity and size of the economy with the help of creativity and competitiveness (Acs et al., 2008; Zanjirchi et al., 2019). The concept of entrepreneurship is not new in economic history. Many writers have shown the strong relationship of entrepreneurship and economic development Focussing on entrepreneurs' experiences inhibiting them from launching a business - at the micro level - the purpose of this paper is to identify issues that limit rural entrepreneurship in Pakistan and also, to identify the cultural, social, economic and religious traditions and settings that discourage entrepreneurship thus hindering economic development,An ethnographic approach was.

Over the last few years, there has been an expeditious development in the field of women entrepreneurship in Pakistan due to changes in the social and economic environment McKinsey partner Abdur-Rahim Syed discusses what factors are needed to power Pakistan for significant entrepreneurial growth. Overall, the ecosystem supports the growth of Pakistan's start-up landscape, but the entrepreneurship potential is yet to be fully tapped, with fewer start-ups and less funding than comparable countries

is to explore the role of technology entrepreneurship in improving the livestock sector of Pakistan using RFID. 2. Entrepreneurship, Technology and RFID In order to explore the role of technology entrepreneurship towards economic growth it is important to first present the concept of technology and entrepreneurship. 2.1 Entrepreneurship The process to re-engage entrepreneurs in Pakistan should begin with harnessing the Pakistan requires a dynamic approach towards education to ensure socio-economic growth. The roles of the government, the private sector and infrastructure in building economic development of Pakistan. HEC is faced with three key challenges: (a

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What is the role of entrepreneurship in Pakistan's

  1. Social, Entrepreneurship & Equity Development According to a paper on 'Foreign Aid and Growth Nexus in Pakistan: The role of Macro Economic Policies' by Mohammed Javaid and Abdul Qayyum, effective utilization of aid is created due to donor conditionality attached to aid inflow. I
  2. Today in this competitive world, women entrepreneurship (WE) and women empowerment plays significant role in the socio-economic development of all under developed countries like Pakistan. Women represent around 48% of Pakistan total population, while female employment participation is only 19-20%
  3. ds of entrepreneurs, regarding the economic problems prevailing in the country, it has been made quite hard for them to focus on and helping out the young entrepreneurs of Pakistan
  4. Entrepreneurs have an important role in the economic development of the country. They explore business opportunities and establish a series of new industries to avail of these opportunities, develop new techniques of production and make the production of new products
  5. At the same time, an entrepreneur makes use of advanced technology to maintain the efficiency and productivity of the business, and therefore contributes to the development of the economy and economic growth. An entrepreneur starts by being an innovator

It plays a very important role in the economic development of a country. Pakistan has been a backward country in industrial sector due to different historic, political and economic causes. For the revival and growth of the industrial sector, these problems should be solved Entrepreneurship plays a principal role in the development of any country. Joseph Schumpeter (1934), an Austrian scientist, stated that the entrepreneur is the economic entity whose function is just the implementation of new combinations. In the competitive environment, the entrepreneurs can be considered as th Key words: Entrepreneurship Ecosystem, Economic Growth, Small Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMEDA) 1. Introduction Entrepreneurial ecosystem is defined as a collection of independent actors; those cooperate in such a way that leads to produce entrepreneurship within a specified location (Stam & Spigel, 2016). In the similar line of thought, the productive entrepreneurship is. Lack of capital and foreign exchange are a big hurdle in way of economic development. Per capita income is very low i.e., $ 1095. Low level of per capita income results in low saving and low investment. Domestic saving is just 9.9 % of GDP in Pakistan; it should be 25 % for rapid economic development

SMEs and Its Role in Economic and Socio-Economic Development of Pakistan International Journal of Academic Research in Accounting, Finance and Management Sciences, Vol. 6, No. 4, October 2017 16 Pages Posted: 20 Dec 2017 Last revised: 6 Jan 201 Hodgetts, 2004). Entrepreneurship has been seen from three broad perspectives (Ward, 2004): Economic perspective: considers the role of the entrepreneur in the economic development of a nation, region or locality. Sociological perspective: considers entrepreneurs as members of a social system and who ar The Planning Commission of Pakistan has also recognized Youth Social Entrepreneurship as a promising strategy for socio- economic development of the country. The Planning Commission organized a separate session on Youth Social and Economic Entrepreneurship during the national level roundtable on Youth Development and Economic Growth held. Broadly, entrepreneurship plays an essential role in the economic development of all human societies. As stated by Schumpeter, entrepreneurship is the mechanism within the field of economic progress while the native land cannot get success without economic development 9 causes of slow economic development in Pakistan. One of the primary ways of enhancing economy is to support entrepreneurship and to create new avenues for growth by guiding the youth

The myth that women cannot engage in productive employment needs to be dispelled. They can be encouraged to set up small and medium scale industries on their own initiative. Entrepreneurship development for women is an important factor in economic development of pakistan.. Following problems are faced by women entrepreneurs: 1 In this way, entrepreneurs play an effective role in reducing the problem of unemployment in the country which in turn clears the path towards economic development of the nation. 4. Promotes Balanced Regional Development: Entrepreneurs help to remove regional disparities through setting up of industries in less developed and backward areas entrepreneurship is helpful for economic growth. Most of the entrepreneurship studies moves to focus on the participants in their locally entrepreneurial setup. These studies are linked with the role of entrepreneurs in innovations, new business ventures, and economic development of their home countries (McDougall and Oviatt, 1996:36) MULTAN: Women entrepreneurs play a significant role in the socio-economic development of under-developed countries. Women represent around 48% of Pakistan's total population, while female. role and act as a backbone by providing consistent support and significant contribution to Pakistan's economic growth (Ahmed & Ahsan, 2011). All these statistics reflect the importance of SMEs for economic development in Pakistan. According to Raza et al. (2018) there is stil

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  1. State of Entrepreneurship in Pakistan: Engaging Youth in Economic Growth 1. Entrepreneurs and Economic Growth Entrepreneurship has gained a unique standing in traditional and new economic growth perspectives that amply highlight the role of labor, capital, natural resources, technolog
  2. an active role regarding entrepreneurship and demanded that special Economic development is a series of new markets, organizations, procedures, Taking into account the economic views of entrepreneurship, Pakistan is really trying to help entrepreneurship through schemes of government regulations and promulgations
  3. ation, lack of finance and access to finance (Anjum et al, 2012)
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Entrepreneurship And Entrepreneurial Intention And Self Efficacy 1580 Words | 7 Pages. Review Nowadays the trend of world is increasing towards the entrepreneurship because it is responsible for generating jobs, economic growth and prosperity of the society through innovation activities (Shane and Venkataraman, 2000; Galloway and Brown, 2002) A worldwide consensus on the critical role of competitive markets and entrepreneurs in economic development has grown over time. In developing countries, like Pakistan, the primary barrier to economic growth is often not so much a scarcity of capital, labor or land as it is a scarcity of both the dynamic entrepreneurs that can bring these.

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Purpose: Focussing on entrepreneurs' experiences inhibiting them from launching a business - at the micro level - the purpose of this paper is to identify issues that limit rural entrepreneurship in Pakistan and also, to identify the cultural, social, economic and religious traditions and settings that discourage entrepreneurship thus hindering economic development The Role of Entrepreneurship in Economic Growth . Abstract . The Impact of the Judiciary on Entrepreneurship: Evaluation of Pakistan's 'Access to Justice Programme'. In this article, Chemin finds that a 2002 reform The Theory of Economic Development, Schumpeter first says that. economic development. The entrepreneurship is higher in countries which are at extreme ends of the GDP per capita. For example the GDP per capita of Philippines and Indonesia is less than $5000 whereas the rates of early stage entrepreneurship are amongst the highest in the world. On the other hand, Australia, having a GDP per capita of $3200

female roles and their translation into development planning and policy has made it increasingly difficult for women to emerge as important players in the economic arena. The linkages between health and economic empowerment of women are lacking in the entrepreneurship development strategies in Pakistan. However, Women-owned businesses (WOB) boost the economic development (Kelley et al., 2011) and the well-being of societies by creating jobs, wealth, and innovations (Chatterjee et al., 2018).Women entrepreneurs manage their businesses using a well-structured approach (Reed et al., 2012).They are more innovative than men (Zapalska, 1997), which plays a significant role in their success Importance of Entrepreneurship in Economic Development: The importance of entrepreneurship in economic growth has attained much attention in the 21st century. Economists are now well aware of the long-lasting positive impacts of entrepreneur ventures in the development and prosperity of the society as well as the economy of a country In the year 1998 Zafar Iqbal and Ghulam Mustafa Zahid from the `Pakistan development review` worked on the Macroeconomic determinants of economic growth in Pakistan. The study examines the effects of some of the most important micro economic variables like education, physical growth and budget deficit on Pakistan's economic growth

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This study provides an econometric analysis of the role of entrepreneurship in economic growth in Nigeria. The study also assesses the areas where the country has developed enterprise and innovations. Findings from empirical analysis confirm the roles of entrepreneurs as good drivers of economic growth in the country. Specifically, results reveal that credit to SMEs is statistically. Women entrepreneurs play a critical role in economic development, by boosting growth and creating jobs. With changing demographics in Pakistan, it is imperative to recognize the future role of women in Pakistan's overall economic growth 1. To introduce the concept of entrepreneurship and its historical development. 2. To explain the entrepreneurial decision process. 3. To identify the basic types of start-up ventures. 4. To explain the role of entrepreneurship in economic development. 5. To discuss the ethics and racial responsibility of entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship plays a vital role in the development of a country's economy as this is the key contributor to innovativeness, product improvement, reduction of unemployment and poverty.. Entrepreneurship, which is basically the practice of starting a business in order to earn a profit on newfound opportunities, can go a long way to stabilize the economy of a nation as well as generate. terms of economic activities pursued by women Nadgrodkiewicz (2011). On the same lines, Global Entrepreneurship Monitor GEM (2010) reported that female entrepreneurship is approximately 4% less than the male activity of entrepreneurship in Pakistan. A government of Pakistan survey conducted revealed that approximately 6.6 million peopl

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The role of entrepreneurship, as a vehicle of economic and societal transformation, is not new in the economic literature. Several authors have already studied the link between resolving global problems and entrepreneurship (Shumpeter, 1934, 1942; Drucker, 1985; Matos and Hall, 2007) ICCI is the first Chamber of Commerce in Pakistan that took initiatives for Youth Development and promotion of Entrepreneurship. A Young Entrepreneurs Forum was created to motivate youth towards entrepreneurship so that youngsters could enter the mainstream business world, embark on an entrepreneurial career, and contribute positively to.

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role of incubators and be more effective in promoting entrepreneurship and ultimately accumulating wealth in Pakistan. ao Ahmed N, Li C, Qalati SA, Khan A, Siddiqui F (2020) Role of Business Incubators as a Service Provider in Entrepreneurship Development entrepreneurship: entrepreneurship & pakistan:gender development status woman as an entrepreneur in pakistan new venture expansion strategies and issues (continued.):determining the price for an acquisitio This present work aims to explore the role of women entrepreneurship in women empowerment in the city of Barishal of Bangladesh. The study analyzes how women entrepreneurship effect on women empowerment in the society. A person-administered to semi-structured questionnaire survey method was conducted initially, followed by a face to face interview in April 2015 in Barisal city, Bangladesh On the other hand, the researcher conducted an evaluation of the entrepreneurship factor in sustainable economic development. In general, a review of relevant literature was undertaken and fundamental issues were identified. The research analysis contains a discussion of the entrepreneurship factor in sustainable economic development

in the economic growth of Pakistan remained a question unanswered for decades. Hence, this study will try to fill this gap in order to find the relationship between entrepreneurship ecosystem and economic growths of Pakistan as, the SMEs are going to play a key role in the future 'economic development' of Pakistan In Pakistan, basic literature is missing particularly on youth entrepreneurship, mainly due to a topic missing from policy documents and research agenda. There is some research that indirectly link entrepreneurship with economic growth. In case of Pakistan, there is a great need for effective policy making regarding entrepreneurship This chapter examines the role technological readiness and level of entrepreneurial activities has on economic development of select South Asian countries viz; India, Pakistan, Bhutan, and Nepal. As per comparative analysis, India outranks its neighbour countries in term of technological readiness and innovation An entrepreneur embraces change and tries to maximize profits while innovating. When a company approaches business driven by the evolution of technology, it encourages the economic development of the country. Supporting entrepreneurship in a motivating, innovating and stimulating environment will result in economic development

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One of the primary ways of enhancing economy is to support entrepreneurship and to create new avenues for growth by guiding the youth. Before everything else, the government ought to overcome the lingering energy crisis. Pakistan should enhance export competitiveness by reducing cost of doing business Entrepreneurship plays a vital role in the development of a country's economy as this is the key contributor to innovativeness, product improvement, reduction of unemployment and poverty

Entrepreneur's contribution to the economy is of immense value. He or she is indispensable to the economic growth of the country. His or her products are valuable to the overall development of. The entrepreneur who is a business leader looks for ideas and puts them into effect in fostering economic growth and development. Entrepreneurship is one of the most important input in the economic development of a country. The nature of a developing economy is quite different from a developed economy domain of sustainable development (Shepherd & Patzelt, 2011), entrepreneur-ship is championed as a vehicle for empowerment and an enabler of economic development, poverty alleviation and other forms of social value (Kaijage, Wheeler, & Newbery, 2013). Social enterprises can also contribute to the SDGs through their economic Entrepreneurship in Pakistan Pakistan has not remained a good state for entrepreneurship and risk taking as policy making potentially ignores small industry which is 40% informal sector (Qureshi & Fawad, 2015). Creativity and risk taking in Pakistan is affected due to intrusive government's role in market Recognizing the role of entrepreneurship the government of Pakistan devised a comprehensive policy for the composed SME task force, for creating an ena-bling environment and facilitation to enterprises. (SME led Economic Growth, Creating Jobs And Reducing Poverty, SME Policy, 2007). For the last many years the unemployment problem i

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our local universities a role model of high growth and innovation and to become the backbone of research and economic development for Pakistan. REFERENCES 1. Dalmarco G, Hulsink W, Blois GV. Creating entrepreneurial universities in an emerging economy: Evidence from Brazil. Technol Forecast Soc Change. 2018;135:99-111. 2. Rao S Pakistan is better than china and Russia and also comes highest in South Asia. Pakistan Government investing more in IT department and making their business more mobile. But Now Pakistan economy is going to dogs due to inflation and other economic crisis, Pakistan Economy has to face a crisis like Balance of payment Nailenge stressed that the country is faced with numerous challenges, such as youth unemployment and poverty. Entrepreneurship for any economy plays a crucial role in eradicating poverty, promotes economic development, income- generation and improving people's standard of living, she noted Pakistan. Primary data of 132 respondents were collected from this region by using simple random sampling technique. The focal of this research is to discuss the economic potency of biotechnological SMEs in economic growth of Southern Punjab region, and find out the perception of this region's entrepreneurs about the role of

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The Role of Government . The relationship between entrepreneurship and economic development is important to understand for policymakers and business owners. Understanding the benefits and. The phenomenon of economic development and the role of entrepreneurship in the process of economic The debate on entrepreneurship and its role in the economic development had taken the shift when Eleanor their economic goals. Pakistan GDP is 40% attributed in micro, small and medium enterprises, 13.6% are the. In order to meet the challenges of economic and social development, the academic entrepreneurship should be the strategy of universities and the policy makers at higher level (Hülsbeck & Lehmann, 2012). 6. Conclusion Universities are required to play their role in socio-economic development of the country Social Entrepreneurship is one of the W ay Forward to Youth Empowerment in Pakistan Aliya Khalid * Amir Zada Asad ** Social Entrepreneurship is deemed to be the most rapidly advancing field in the context of social development, yet still manages to remain an issue without much level of comprehension attached to it in the region o a practice. Entrepreneurship is an economic agent that leads towards economic development (Kiyani, 2017). Women Entrepreneurships in Pakistan Women in Pakistan constitute nearly 50 percent share in the total population but their role in terms of economic participation of country remain very low as compared to men

entrepreneurs (dependent variable) and the societal factors (independent variable) including role of education system, family support and, government policies. Keywords: Society, Pakistan, Risk, Entrepreneurs, Socio-Economic Support 1. Introduction: Entrepreneurship achieved almost cult status in the 1980s and interest continues to grow dispersion of economic activities (SME Bank 2009). According to a report by State Bank of Pakistan (SBP 2004), the small and medium enterprises have played key role in development of economies like Japan. It has also been playing key role in providing impetus to the development of some of the world's best economies lik In Pakistan, women entrepreneurs‟ full economic potential is not being realized. They can suffer from a lack of access to: capital, land, business premises, information technology, training, and agency assistance. Inherent attitudes of a patriarchal society: that men are superior to women and that women are best suited to be homemaker The Role of Female Education in Economic Growth of Pakistan: A Time Series Analysis from 1990-2016. International Journal of Management Science and Business Administration 3.5 (2017): 83-93. Chicago: Hassan, Syeda Anam, Rafaz Nazish. The Role of Female Education in Economic Growth of Pakistan: A Time Series Analysis from 1990-2016 essential for economic development of the country. Not only have they made a contribution to the multiplicity of entrepreneurship in the economic process but also contribute to employment generation and economic development through their growing numbers. From a perspective of gender equality, Pakistan is a country where male

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A worldwide consensus on the critical role of competitive markets and entrepreneurs in economic development has grown over time. In developing countries, like Pakistan, the primary barrier to economic growth is often not so much a scarcity of capital, labor or land as it is a scarcity of both the dynamic entrepreneurs that can bring these. stages of development. Several authors have even downplayed the importance of innovation for developing countries. In a similar fashion, there has been a resur-gence of interest in the role of entrepreneurship in innovation, employment crea-tion and economic growth, but here the primary focus has been on the advanced economies Promoting entrepreneurship is an important priority for Pakistan's economic development. According to Global Entrepreneurship Monitor's 2010 report , Pakistan lags in startups, with less than half the rate of early-stage entrepreneurial activity found in other factor-driven economies

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Role of Cottage Industry in the Economic Development of Bangladesh: An Empirical Study scouting and training of entrepreneurs, skill development of artisans and craftsman and creation of job To identify which industry plays more vital role for economic development (ii) To find out problems of the cottage industries GDP per capita, financial inclusion, and other development indicators) contribute to a deepened Islamic banking system, the impact of an Islamic banking system on the effect of legal origin as a determinant of economic development, and changes in these effects over time (i.e., between 1960 and 2006) This chapter aims to (i) understand the functioning and importance of incubators in supporting the creation of new business and local economic development, as they help locally engage young entrepreneurs and thus retain expertise, for example, in regions farthest from large urban centers, (ii) realize the importance of incubators and science parks in the development of start-ups, (iii. Understanding the antecedents of the entrepreneurial intentions is vital in development of entrepreneurship in a region. Entrepreneurship is considered as one of the important elements of local economic development which can be used to address the issues of poverty and scarcity of livelihood opportunities in rural areas of the world. This study investigates the influence of social capital on. With a global scope, the Handbook examines key concepts, models, and mechanisms, providing a research-based analytical foundation from which to understand the emerging role of modern incubation tools in building entrepreneurship ecosystems for promoting targeted economic development

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