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Kostenlose Lieferung möglic Riesenauswahl an Markenqualität. Folge Deiner Leidenschaft bei eBay! Kostenloser Versand verfügbar. Kauf auf eBay. eBay-Garantie The circuit of the analog output unit receives the numerical assessment from the CPU and changes it again to an analog signal which enterprises the field container level measuring device. Analog input units usually have numerous input stations that permit four, eight, or sixteen components to be linked with the PLC Voltage and Current Output USB Devices. USB data acquisition (DAQ) devices with up to 16 analog outputs, 16-bit resolution, simultaneous 100 kS/s update per channel, up to 16 channels of 20 mA current output, up to eight digital I/O, and up to one 32-bit counter

The Analog Output Device helps you create applications such as stimulus-response, power supply control, deterministic control, and sensor/signal simulation. The Analog Output Device supports various output resolutions, channel counts, and other onboard features, so you can replace several kinds of instruments in your system, including stand. Analog output device (D/A conversion) This device converts the digital data from a computer to an analog signal before outputting that signal to an external device. Analog I/O device (A/D, D/A conversion) Analog I/O devices are devices with both an A/D conversion function and a D/A conversion function

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  1. There are notable non-electrical analog devices, such as clocks (sundials, water clocks, pendulum clocks, analog watches), the astrolabe, slide rules, the governor of a steam engine, the planimeter (a simple device that measures the area of a closed shape), Kelvin's mechanical tide predictor, acoustic rangefinders, servomechanisms (e.g. the thermostat), a simple mercury thermometer, a bathroom scale, and the speedomete
  2. Figure 3.7 illustrates industry examples of two commonly used analog output instrumentation devices (variable control valve and variable speed drive). These devices receive the electronic signals in current or voltage form (see Section 3.4) and generate corresponding physical output (valve opening and motor speed) suitable for the process
  3. Analog devices detect a value within a range. Contactors, motor starters, valves, and other Output devices are used to turn on/off motors, lights, heating elements, and other equipment that affects the system in some way. Like Input devices, both Discrete and Analog Output devices are available
  4. An output device is a part of the computer that displays or present the output to the user, generated after processing the input data. The output may be in the form of text, image, sound, video etc. Out put devices can be classified into two

An output in an electronic device, typically a microprocessor, is a wire generating some output voltage and current. Inputs, on the other side, sense voltages measuring somehow the value. Generally speaking, mainstream microprocessors feature two. OUTPUT DEVICES: Monitor (LED, LCD, CRT etc Analogue and Digital Data Questions: A. Explain the difference between Analogue and Digital Data B. Name one analogue input device. C. Name one analogue output device. D. Which converter would be used to allow speakers to output analogue sound from a digital device

Wireless Analog Input/Output Device LabJack produces low cost, high quality, USB/Ethernet/Wireless (802.11b/g WiFi) data acquisition and control products with up to 84 analog inputs and 2+ outputs when combined with various expansion modules PLC being an electronic controller has current or voltage as Input or Output. PLC can have 0 to 10 volt or 4 to 20 mA as an input signal. (called as sinking) Similarly it can give out 0 to 10 volt or 4 to 20 mA current as output. (called as sourcing) Analog inputs can be pressure, temperature etc The device initially assumes all the bits in the register except for the highest significant bit (which is a one) to be zeroes. The register then sends this to the DAC which converts it to an analog voltage, which is compared with the input through the comparator For naming, each output port uses the channel name if one was specified, otherwise the channel ID, for example, ao1. Output sample rate — Device sampling rate numeric value The rate at which samples are output from Simulink to the device, in samples per second http://www.theaudiopedia.com What is ANALOG DEVICE? What does ANALOG DEVICE mean? ANALOG DEVICE meaning - ANALOG DEVICE definition - ANALOG DEVICE..

Under the Playback tab, to the left of the X Mute Audio button, you should see a box containing the name of an output device. That box is actually a button, which will display a drop-down radio-button list of the available output devices, with one output device selected. Selecting an output device from the list will allow the audio stream to. One example of a process technology that combines high-voltage devices, submicron CMOS, and complementary bipolar transistors is iCMOS from Analog Devices. This combination allows a single chip design to mix-and-match 5-V CMOS and higher voltage 16-, 24-, or 30-V CMOS circuitry—with multiple supply voltages running to the same chip device. Name one analogue output device. Which converter would be used to allow speakers to output analogue sound from a digital device? Which converter would be used to allow a microphone to input analogue sound into a digital device? Author: nichollsm Created Date: 04/03/2012 00:16:0 As their name implies, the analog audio output transmits analog audio signal while the digital audio output transmits digital audio signal to the audio receiver/amplifier. An example of analog audio output: Analog output found on the backside of a TV

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  1. i board normally has six analog output pins which can be used to generate analog output voltage. The pins marked in the board as 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, and 11 can act as the analog output. They are actually the output channels to the built-in PWM module which can generate the analog output voltages
  2. Dante AVIO adapters let you easily add analog, USB, Bluetooth and AES3 gear to your Dante network, delivering the interoperability, performance and scalability that only networking can bring. Cost effective, compact and built for the road, Dante AVIO adapters bring the modern AoIP connectivity that every audio pro needs in their toolbox
  3. USB-based eight-channel, 16-bit analog voltage output device with one 32-bit counter, eight DIO lines, and USB cable (0) Sale. $385.00 On sale: $381.15 Back order (15 ~ 19 business days) USB-3104
  4. ed by figures of merit including: resolution, maximum sampling frequency and others
  5. The analog output range describes the set of voltages the device can generate. The digital codes of the digital-to-analog converter are spread evenly across the analog output range. So, if the range is smaller, the analog output has better resolution; that is, the voltage output difference between two consecutive codes is smaller
  6. The analog output record sends its desired output to the address in the OUT field. For analog outputs that write their values to devices, the OUT field must specify the address of the I/O card. In addition, the DTYP field must contain the name of the device support module. Be aware that the address format differs according to the I/O bus used

Re: Redundant Analogue Outputs tells me you are in fact attempting to send two identical signals offering redundancy to the device recieving the output. In the body of the text the (may be high select module) tells me there is a possibility of a condition in the PLC when the output to the device should change from one to the other Digital Device - binary devices which must be in one of only two states: on or off. Analog Device - continuous devices - sense and respond to a range of values. Digital IO. Digital input devices are binary - they may be either on or off, open/closed. Common digital field input devices include pushbuttons, limit switches, and photoeyes In the following example we increase the number of analog inputs of the ESP8266 NodeMCU and WeMos D1 Mini, which have only one analog input pin. The analog inputs I choose are: 1 photoresistor; 1 potentiometer; But you can choose any other analog device. The following pictures show the wiring between all components and the ESP8266 microcontroller An analog measurement device typically uses the change in some physical property of a connected electrical interface to provide a change in the device's electrical output. For example, the measurement of pressure or force is accomplished by a change in resistance to one element of a Wheatstone bridge

Traditional televisions and radios were purely analog. In the 1970s on digital technology was introduced to various devices even though they still handled analog signals. In the early 2000s most technology went purely digital. On a modern TV the processing from the camera up to the TV screen is purely digital Name one output devices for the , scanner etc output device is the one which gives us output of a certain command or instruction given to the computer like__ monitor, printer and web camera. The device you connect to your analog output is what decides which type of analog signal you should be using. If you want to control a valve with a 4-20 mA signal, then your analog output should also be 4-20 mA. Voltage Analog Output Wiring. Again, the voltage analog output is the easiest one to wire. For this you will only need 2 wires

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Analog sensor senses the external parameters (wind speed, solar radiation, light intensity etc.) and gives analog voltage as an output. The output voltage may be in the range of 0 to 5V. Logic High is treated as 1 (3.5 to 5V) and Logic Low is indicated by 0 (0 to 3.5 V). Analog Sensor - Block Diagra • Output modules converts signal from the processor to levels capable of driving the connected discrete or analog output devices. O : 2 / 00 Input Module Number Terminal Number Output Module Number Terminal Number I : 1 / 00 5. 5 Sensors which give digital/discrete, i.e. on/off signal to the input ports of the PLC A Signal Converter is a device that converts signals from sensors to industrial current signals, converts analog input signals to analog output signals, normalizes signals, or isolates signals

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  1. 2. A solenoid is an example of an output device. a. True b. False c. None of the above 3. To increase the number of inputs and outputs of the PLC, one can use expansion modules. a. True b. False c. None of the above 4. The part that monitors the inputs and makes decisions in a PLC is the CPU. a. True b. False c. None of the above 5
  2. 4. Change the output to 20 mA and perform the same output device calibration. 5. After the output device is calibrated, attach the output wires to the 4-20 mA input on the controller. 6. Output a 4 mA signal from the outside device, and calibrate the controller 4-20 mA input to that value. 7. Output a 20 mA signal from the outside device, and.
  3. The first entry is analog output as you can see by its name. It is card 0, and device 0. This means analog device name is hw:0,0 The second entry is digital output (spdif) again seen by its name
  4. C) Modem The modem is an input and an output device. It is used for sending and receiving information and data over telephone lines. There are at least two ways that can be used to represent data and information electronically. One way is digital and another way is analogue
  5. connected to one manifold. (3)Connecting the SI unit. After connecting the necessary units, connect the Signal name of the input or output devices and unit address can be written to the marker, and it can be (analog output) Connector for Analog output device. Joint bracket Bracket for joining to adjacent units
  6. The analogue input however provides a signal from 0-10V. You can scale this in the software so that the 0-10V signal is displaying the temperature range, not the voltage. This is done in the properties of the analogue input, so click on the input and look down to the Correction section

SRC 1 & 2 are analogue TRS balanced line inputs and can be connected to any analogue line output device. Typically SRC 1 would be the main input used for monitoring and fed from the stereo outputs on your audio interface Even though the Arduino microcontrollers are purely digital devices which work with either a HIGH or LOW value, they are commonly used with analog systems. This is achieved with the use of an Analog to Digital Converter (ADC), and works by sampling the analog input voltage, and then converting it to their respective digital values Why not use HDMI->HDMI+Audio out device -- about 25 EUR (inc tax). The HDMI will pass through to say monitor or whatever and the Audio can be passed to speakers, phones, etc. The Audio out can be optical as well depending on the split mechanism -- IMO you probably just want basic stereo analog output to go to speakers / phones etc. Cheers jimb

The National Instruments PCI-6722 (Part Number: 778705-01) is a 13-bit, high-speed, high channel density Analog Output Device. This model offers up to 800 kS/s update rate per channel and comes featured with external clocking, digital triggering, an integrated synchronization bus, and 24-bit counters/timers ports: analog-output-speaker: Speakers (priority 10000, latency offset 0 usec, available: unknown) properties: device.icon_name = audio-speakers analog-output-headphones: Headphones (priority 9000, latency offset 0 usec, available: no) properties: device.icon_name = audio-headphone Analog-to-digital converter (ADC) An electronic device that converts analog signals to an equivalent digital form. The analog-to-digital converter is the heart of most data acquisition systems The National Instruments PCI-6711 (Part Number: 777740-01) is a 4-Channel, 12-Bit Analog Output Device. This model is designed to provide multichannel updates simultaneously for waveform output and control applications, such as power supply control, deterministic control, and signal/sensor simulation

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  1. We use analog signals in a wide variety of applications, such as: - Audio recording and reproduction - Live sound/amplification devices - Older video signal transmission technologies (VGA, S-Video, etc.) - Radio signals - Television broadcast signals (until recently) At one point in time, analog computers were even available
  2. I have my Raspberry Pi 3 connected to a TV via HDMI and the analog audio output connected to a hifi-system. The RPi runs OSMC and I tried all the audio settings that include the analog output (analog only and analog+hdmi). In the config of raspotify I used the command --device hw:0 to send audio to the analog output
  3. The supplied adapter is 5V / 1.0 amp, so find or purchase one of equivalent or slightly higher ampage rating if you get the hum, or just want to order one along with this device. I decided that due to the crazy low price, I could not mark this product down a star for this, since it didn't cost me anything to fix the very slight issue

Analog-to-Digital and Digital-to-Analog Converters. The world is analog, but signal processing nowadays is digital. The transition between the two domains is done using analog-to-digital (A/D) and digital-to-analog (D/A) converters. Connecting digital circuitry to sensor devices is simple if the sensor devices are inherently digital themselves Each analog input uses a 3-pin, 0.100 inch pitch locking connector. Pictured here is a plug with the connections labeled. The Phidget cables that are designed to plug into these inputs can be found here.. The connectors and pins they use are also commonly available (usually through digikey) - refer to the table below for manufacturer part numbers

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In this case, the device name is alsa_output.pci-0000_00_1f.3.analog-stereo. With the name known, pactl can be executed using the set-default-sink option, to switch the output device. In the above example, the command that would be executed is: pactl set-default-sink 'alsa_output.pci-0000_00_1f.3.analog-stereo What you need to know about PLC Outputs. PLC Outputs are the control circuits of the PLC and also refers to the devices controlled by the PLC. Be aware when talking about PLCs the devices like motors and lights are also referred to as PLC Outputs.Devices called actuators convert the electrical signal of the PLC to a physical movement for instance a valve solenoid stoke or a motor contactor

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Analog Devices range of 4-20mA Input A/D Converters deliver accuracy, robustness and flexibility for Industrial Control applications. As the world's leading supplier of data converters, Analog Devices is constantly introducing new A/D converters (ADCs) that drive system level architectures. Our portfolio of leading industrial 4-20mA Input A/D Conv Analog Output. The previously mentioned types of PLC outputs are designed for switching operations. This means that they are digital in nature because they only operate in the ON or OFF condition. Analog outputs are in a different realm. Usually, the Analog Output PLCs control speed of continuously running devices such as motors or turbines Analog to Digital Audio Converter, Tiancai 2RCA R/L or 3.5 mm Jack Aux to Toslink SPDIF Optical and Coaxial, Support Dual Ports Output Simultaneously, with Power Adapter 4.0 out of 5 stars 163 $15.99 $ 15 . 9 To play music, for example, an output analog audio signal is input to a dedicated peripheral device such as a pre-amplifier and a power amplifier where the signal is adjusted to a specified timbre and is amplified to a specified volume. Finally, the signal is output from an output device such as a speaker

The PCIe-6738 is a high-speed, high-density analogue output device designed to deliver simultaneous, multichannel updates for control and waveform output applications such as stimulus-response tests, including acoustic distortion testing, and simulation such as three-phase power simulation. In addition, the device provides eight 5 V TTL/CMOS digital I/O lines; two 24-bit, 20 MHz counter/timers. Now that we know PLC Basics and some PLC input devices, we now go into the interface between the controller and the real world: output devices.. In PLC programming, they are the devices that are activated using conditional statements that the input devices form.. Output devices are operated by the PLC using the DC voltage at the output. A number of devices can be controlled by the PLC, but we. Digital output exists when a voltage is applied to a pair of digital output leads. This voltage can be sourced (sinked) by internal or external sources. In addition, there can be pulse output when the device is active. Examples of Digital (Discrete) output devices. Alarms; Control relays; Fans, lights, horns, valve

Another common type of analog device uses the 4 to 20 milliamps signal as its power source, reducing the required complexity on the field end. Below is an example of a loop-powered arrangement. The main addition to the circuit is the separate power supply on the PLC end I would like to use VOIP to replace the landline in my home. I have 4 phones/devices connected in the usual parallel landline connection. These are; a base phone with 1 mobile handset, 2 (or more) standard landline phones, and a satellite DVR for on screen Caller ID, It appears the typical VOIP unit only has 1 or maybe 2 phone connections jacks Virtually any type of sensor or transducer can be connected through the appropriate ED device and have its data brought onto the network. The ED devices cover digital inputs, digital outputs, counters, analogue voltage and current sensor inputs, analogue outputs, programmable relays and multi axis stepper motor controllers Analog images are generally processed utilizing the chemical systems that we are all familiar with. Digital images on the other hand must be manipulated by a software program and then displayed on some type of output device. Discussion of analog representations will refer to the finished (processed) product

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A device that controls a VAV box is likely to have several Analog Input and Analog Output Objects while a Windows® workstation that has neither sensor inputs nor control outputs will not. Every BACnet device must have a Device Object, the Properties of which fully describe the BACnet device to the network Peak Output Level (dBu) Measures Peak Output level to the output device for channels HI, VI, and Line. The Spkr output level is measured in Volts. N / A. Relay Mute. Mutes the output after the D-A converter and before the output. One button mutes all channels. Off / On. Max RMS Output Level (dBu) Controls the analog RMS output level after the D.

† It is possible to have Hardware and Software tasks running simultaneously, considering the maximum number of tasks for each timing mode. †† The number of counter tasks is always limited by the number of counters you have. Depending on whether you are using a counter task that uses multiple counters (like measuring frequency using the two counter method), you may be restricted to fewer. Since a microcontroller's inputs can read only two values (typically 0 volts or 5 volts), we need an extra component to read this changing, or analog voltage, and convert it to a digital form. An analog-to-digital converter (ADC) is a device that does this. It reads a changing input voltage and converts it to a binary value, which a. Analog switch integrated chips (ICs), when turned on, will conduct both analog and digital signals from the input pin to the output pin. Digital switches can only accept digital signals and duplicate the logic level on the input pin at the output pin. When the digital switch is turned off, it returns to a default logic state

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As discussed in What does USB DAC Analog Output mean?, I suspect that Analog Output means that the OS will first pass the digital stream to the inbuilt, computer DAC device (i.e. sound card), and then the analog stream will be passed on to the USB device for amplification and further to your headphones/speakers. The improvement in quality (versus the computer DAC) will be minimal, and will. Circuits often require output devices to communicate their state to a user. Examples of electronic output devices include computer monitors, LCD alphanumeric panels (as on a calculator), small lamps or light-emitting diodes (LED's), etc. Digilent boards include different output devices, but all of them include some number of individual LED's, and seven-segment LED displays that can display the.

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Analog instrument measurements rely on one of many resolution A/D (analog to digital) convertors. A 16-bit A/D converter has 1 part in 65536 resolution. In contrast, a 12-bit A/D converter provides only 1 part in 4096 resolution. For a pressure transmitter ranging from 0 to 1500 psi, a 12-bit converter gives only .37-psi resolution. This is. Then click add leaving the rest to default. Click add and MQTT output is connected to the broker. Next, edit all the nodes in the node-red. switch- It sends an on message whenever it is on and an off message whenever it is off. Name it Lamp at the label. MQTT output node- It is already connected to broker and it is as follows AO or analog output is the type of PLC output which used to control analog devices. AO sends a command to the device in the form of electrical current (4 - 20 mA) or electrical voltage. DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) inside PLC will convert a digital value (12 bit or 16-bit word data resulted from PLC calculation) to current or voltage and.

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Analog sensors that are used to sense sound level are called as sound sensors. These analog sound sensors translate the amplitude of the acoustic volume of the sound into an electrical voltage for sensing sound level. This process requires some circuitry, and utilizes microcontroller along with a microphone for creating an analog output signal It depends on your speakers. The AGPtEK and the PROZOR both work to convert digital audio to analog. The AGPtEK is better because it can split 5.1 HDMI signal while the the PROZOR only support 2 channel PCM and LPCM so you need to downmix from your TV. I have been using several of them


Transducers which require an external power source for their operation is called as a passive transducer. They produce an output signal in the form of some variation in resistance, capacitance or any other electrical parameter, which than has to be converted to an equivalent current or voltage signal. For example, a photocell (LDR) is a passive transducer which will vary the resistance of the. Input/output devices IO-Link Input/Output Devices One of the major values of IO-Link over standard network I/O is the ability to run many sensors and actuators back through one node or IP address. This is accomplished using the many varieties of I/O hubs offered by Balluff Output Devices-these show the results of processing; Storage Devices Continuous paper is the name given to hundreds of sheets of paper that are joined together and 'continuously' fed through the printer. Speakers are analogue and cannot output digital 'computerised' sounds The output may be single-ended (taken from just one of the collectors or drains, or differential depending on the needs of the subsequent circuitry. In a long-tailed pair built using BJTs, the emitters are connected together, and then through the current source to ground or to a negative supply (for an LTP using NPN transistors)

When the first monitor LG TV | HDMI-0 is engaged as audio output: $ pactl list sinks short 8 alsa_output.pci-0000_00_1b..analog-stereo module-alsa-card.c s16le 2ch 44100Hz SUSPENDED 16 alsa_output.pci-0000_03_00.1.hdmi-stereo module-alsa-card.c s16le 2ch 44100Hz RUNNING $ pacmd list-sinks | grep name: name: <alsa_output.pci-0000_00_1b..analog-stereo> name: <alsa_output.pci-0000_03_00.1.hdmi. Analog voltage output/current device with 16 channels, 8 digital I/O, and 1 counter input: $660.00: USB-3110: Analog voltage output device with 4 high-drive channels, 8 digital I/O, and 1 counter input: $440.00: USB-3112: Analog voltage output device with 8 high-drive channels, 8 digital I/O, and 1 counter input: $495.00: USB-311

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And so on and so forth. Analog outputs can be used to control the power output on a generator, the position of a needle on an analog pressure meter, and much more. A 0-3 VDC analog output might be used to drive a generator from 0 - 2000 kW or a 4-20 mA analog output could be used to drive temperature gauge from -20 to 200 degrees F Right-click on your device name, and then select Device Pinouts. Figure 6. Device Terminals Help. The following terminal types correspond with analog voltage measurements: AI X(+/-): Analog Input — This is usually followed by a number corresponding to a channel number. For instance, if your DAQ card has 16 analog input channels, your pinout. Multiple Analog Inputs Using One Analoge Pin : Hi!In this instructible I will explain how to read values of more than one sensor by using only one analog input pin. You might wonder why you want to this. When you are using a Nodemcu board, as illustrated in the picture, only one ADC pin is avai In computing, input/output refers to the communication between aninformation processing system (such as a computer), and the outside world. Inputs are the signals or data received by the system, and outputs are the signals or data sent from it. Examples. These examples of output devices also include input/output devices A fuel gauge sender is another device that uses variable resistance to send an analog signal. Oscilloscope Display of Analog and Digital Signals Input and output signals can be either analog or digital. Fig. 6-02 TL623f602c Analog Signal

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4-20mA Current loop output is a type of electrical signal that is used in a series circuit to provide a robust measurement signal. The sensor or instrument generating the signal acts like a current source providing a constant current output signal for a given measurement independent of supply voltage or circuit impedance What is Analog Computer. Definition: Analog computer is special type of computer, where to use data in continuously form, not discrete, and changeable continues stream of data is known as Analog Data.Analog computers can store analog data in the continuous physical quantities likes as electrical potential, fluid pressure, or mechanical motion, and finally it produces the result with. The op-amp (and comparator) is generally a differential input (inverting and noninverting inputs) analog device, and the circuit of the op-amp has inherent direct current (DC) input offset voltage.. † Analog output to feed pump pressure tr aces or detector signals from Agilent NOTE Use any of the following cable options depending on output device: #063, #064. p/n 8120-1840 Contact/Lead Signal Name Shield Analog - Center Analog + p/n G1390-60002 Contact Lead Signal Name - g o l a n 2A + g o l a n 3 The Cisco IP Phone 7800 and 8800 Series Multiplatform Phones allow you to connect an analog headset, a Bluetooth headset, and a USB headset simultaneously to your phone. However, you can use only one headset at a time. When you connect multiple headsets to your phone, you can choose the primary audio device to use for a call

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An Output Device is designated as Sinking if current flows IN when the output device is active Computer Aided Manufacturing TECH 4/53350 5. Input/Output Modules Sinking & SourcingSinking & Sourcing There is a least one common per module. Some modules have a common for every Explanation: Since joystick is an input device, it reads data from the external devices. 2. The example of output device is a) CRT display b) 7-segment display c) printer d) all of the mentioned Answer: d Explanation: The output device transfers data from microprocessor to the external devices. 3 Im trying to use different DAQ assistants, with different Select Signals VI. I want the Analog output DAQ assistant with secific analog output channels that the Select Signals VI selects and the analog input DAQ assistnat with specific analog input chanls that another Select Signals VI accepts daisy-chaining in multi-device systems. Simply connect the output of one device to the input of the next to create the chain. Common clocking feeds all the devices in the chain so that the digital overhead in a multi-DDC264 system is minimal. The DDC264 uses a 5-V analog supply and a 2.7-V to 3.6-V digital supply. Bypass capacitors within th

The ATMega328 microcontroller used in the Arduino (and Analog Devices' ADuC7023 and many of their other analog microcontrollers including their latest [10] the ADuCM320) have some ports which can be configured both as digit input/outputs and very high impedance analog-digital converter (ADC) inputs. An LED and two resistors on such ports allows. In Figure 2 we notice that the BAS Remote can be represented as a collection of objects of varying types such as Analog Input, Analog Output, Binary Input, Binary Output and Device. Since the BAS Remote has eight points of I/O, there will be eight objects created plus one for the device itself Configure a Primary Audio Output Device on a Cisco IP Phone 7800 or 8800 Series Multiplatform Phone you can use only one headset at a time. When you connect multiple headsets to If the preferred audio device is not connected, the Analog headset becomes the primary audio output device. Step 1. Press the Settings button on your IP Phone If you want to attach an analogue output device to a digital device such as a computer, you will need a digital to analogue convertor (DAC). A good example of a computer peripheral that requires a DAC is a loudspeaker or headphones.When you plug a loudspeaker into a computer, you are actually plugging it into a DAC, which takes digital data from the computer and converts it into analogue.

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