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  1. Compared with traditional DVD, Blu-ray can carry over five times the storage capacity. It offers up to 25GB on a single-layer disc and 50GB on a dual-layer disc. What's more, a Blu-ray disc has the capability to store 1080p HD videos. You should know that, the standard DVD can only store 480p videos
  2. DVD Upscaling vs. Blu-ray An upscaled DVD, even when it's good, can't match the quality of a natural Blu-ray Disc source. Compared to Blu-ray Disc, an upscaled DVD tends to look flatter and softer, especially in the background. There's a difference when looking at reds and blues
  3. The blu-ray optical disks perform better than DVD in terms of storing high-quality data, comparatively. In DVD the red laser is used to fetch data whose wavelength is 650 nm while blu-ray uses a blue-violet laser in which wavelength is 405 nm. DVD can store 4.7 GB in a single layer and a maximum of 7.4 in the double layer
  4. Blu-ray boasts up to 25 GB on single-layer discs and 50 GB on double-layer discs, with HD DVD at 15 GB and 30 GB. This could mean that longer movies in full 1080p resolution could be fit on a Blu-ray disc than on an HD DVD, or that Blu-ray could be able to offer more extra features on discs

Well a few things, but the major factor is storage space. The largest DVDs available can store up to 4.7 GB of data on a single layer disc, or 8.5 GB with a double layer. By comparison, a Blu-ray can store 25GB of data on a single layer disc, or 50GB on a dual layer disc The major difference between Blu-ray/HD DVD and DVDs is capacity -- that is, both Blu-ray and HD DVD can store more information than current DVDs on the same size 12cm optical disc we're all used..

The differing track pitch of the Blu-ray disc makes its pickup apertures differ, however—0.65 for HD DVD vs. 0.85 for Blu-ray—thus also making the two pickups technically incompatible despite using lasers of the same type Simply put, in Blu ray versus DVD comparison, Blu ray discs excel most DVDs in the aspect of image quality. As for standard DVDs, most of them have a a standard definition resolution of 480 or enhanced definition resolution of 520. This quality will give enough clear image on standard TV if you sit far enough

Physical vs. Digital Movies: Video and Audio Quality Most movies are available in 4K video with some form of Dolby surround sound for both physical Blu-ray purchases and digital iTunes purchases. But you'd be mistaken if you thought that meant the video and audio quality was exactly the same across both formats Blue-ray may bring better sound quality, than CD, potentially. There are many variables, that cause different results of comparison. Both formats are PCM. Blue-ray is one of high-resolution formats Blu-ray vs. DVD The key difference between DVD and Blu-ray/HD-DVD is that DVD is a standard definition 480i resolution format, while Blu-ray/HD-DVD disc video can be up to 1080p HDTV quality. Blu-ray and HD-DVD achieved the same results but were incompatible formats (remember VHS vs. BETA?)

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  1. g friend isn't looking back I'm not even sure how I would play a DVD -- I think I have a Blu-ray player in the garage. I know I'm not getting the best quality except when I stream 4K.
  2. Not sure if you have done menus on Blu Ray,but with all the Pinnacle number softwares/coral edius etc the menus are the same as for BD and any disc.One strange point on the latest Cam i have the instuction book says that recordings made in the highest quality mode[not 50P]it does not do that Frame rate will not be compatable with avchd but the few avchd disc tests i have made from its highest.
  3. The larger storage capacity of a Blu-ray disc is a clear advantage over standard DVDs, allowing higher quality of video and audio to be stored. A standard DVD can hold up to 4.7 GB of data. Dual layer DVDs can hold about 8.5 - 8.7 GB of data, which is still much less than even the smallest Blu-ray discs
  4. Melinda took the Blu-ray challenge and upgraded from DVDs to Blu-ray to see if there's really a noticeable difference in quality. To compare, she rented Game of Thrones, Up, and Inception on both DVD and Blu-ray. Read her notes
  5. When looking at the DVD vs. Blu Ray resolution, Blu-Ray easily wins this battle, too. A DVD is a standard definition device. You won't get high-definition movie viewing on your DVD, just 480 SD. On the other hand, Blu-Ray is made for HD, and you'll get the best picture possible, with 1080 HD capability for your Blu-Ray movies
  6. DVD vs Blu ray: Player compatibility Blu-ray discs cannot play in a standard DVD player, for the red laser used in DVD players is too large to read the tiny grooves in a Blu-ray disc. Currently, all Blu-ray players sold on the market are backwards compatible with standard DVDs

Blu-ray had the trump card of 40% more capacity. HD DVD had nothing special to counter with. Playstation3 had a built-in Blu-ray drive, which boosted not only the actual uptake of Blu-ray but also the perceived uptake since all PS3 units were counted as Blu-ray players Blu-ray Players - All Blu-ray players currently on the market (including the Playstation 3) are backwards compatible and will still play standard DVDs. However, the DVD image displayed, while still decent, will not be high definition quality like a Blu-ray disc

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Hi-Def DVD: Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD player technologies. Resolution and Storage. On paper most will concede, that at its best, Blu-Ray has the advantage over HD-DVD in technology. Both formats have the info recorded at 1080p, although early HD-DVD players (notably the first - the Toshiba), only offers 1080i output, not 1080p Origin and industry support . The DVD-R standard was developed by Pioneer and was used primarily by Apple and Pioneer. In addition, this format is supported by the DVD Forum, which is an industry group that controls the use of the DVD logo.The DVD+R format was supported by Philips, Dell, Sony, HP, and Microsoft, who formed the DVD+RW Alliance to launch the competing standard around the same. Gettin' better all the time: VHS to DVD to Blu-ray Originally published in Sound and Image, April 2010, v.23#05, pp.36-42 This version June 2010. Here I examine -- using pictures -- how home video picture quality has improved over time, from VHS to DVD to Blu-ray The Blu-ray Disc's 405-nm blue-violet laser enables the recording and rewriting of up to 27 Gbytes of data. It can hold 13 hours of video. Although Blu-ray can't quite fit an entire series of HD-quality material on one disc, it could potentially fit an entire series of standard DVD quality stuff on one

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Get the Latest in Sony 4k Bluray. Plenty of Sony 4k Bluray to Choose From. Fast Shipping and Orders $35+ Ship Free A DVD holds up to 4.7GB of data. If it's a dual layer DVD, it offers about 8.5 - 8.7 GB of data storage. If you think this is huge, check out the data storage size of Blu-ray. A Blu-ray disc can hold up to 25GB of data

The DVD was from before the sequel movie was made, and it's entirely possible that not a great deal of care was taken in the mastering. In comparison it appears they took a lot of care on the Blu-Ray version. It's entirely possible that the current edition DVD is better The visual benefits of Blu-ray over DVD are substantial. Even when a DVD is scaled to 4K by a UHDTV, the image won't look nearly as good as it would with a Blu-ray source. That's because DVD resolution is 345,600 pixels, while Blu-ray provides over 2 million pixels

UK DVD - standard definition / low resolution. Film dirt has been digitally removed. Generally better color correction than the Blu-rays. More image area visible around the edges than the Blu-rays. UK UFO Blu-ray - high definition / high resolution, with digital noise reduction and film dirt removal. Noise reduction is excessive at times HD Talk - Anandtech on Blu-ray vs. DVD Image Quality - One thing we did get a good chance to see at the show was a number of live Blu-ray and HD-DVD demonstrations with real high-definition content, and honestly, we weren't all that impressed. Don't get us wrong, it looked good, just not breathtaking or anything lik High-definition (HD) video may be stored on Blu-ray Discs with up to 1920×1080 pixel resolution, at 24 progressive or 50/60 interlaced frames per second. DVD-Video discs were limited to a maximum resolution of 480i (NTSC, 720×480 pixels) or 576i (PAL, 720×576 pixels)

The reason the format is called Blu-ray comes from the blue laser used to read the regular-sized disc. The process allows for five times more information to be held on a disc no different in size than a regular DVD. Naturally, this increased storage space gives the disc room for better quality in audio, video and supplements HD Talk - Image quality: Bluray vs. Cable vs. Satellite vs. over-the-air - I was watching a DV-R recording of the hi-def airing of The Parent Trap (1961) last night and a friend and I started having a conversation about the differences of the PQ image from varying sources. Now I know that most cable image is compresse Re: Blu-ray vs digital HDX I think most people could tell the difference between HDX and Blu-Ray, if properly instructed as to the nuances. That said for most people, in most cases they will be hard pressed to tell any difference in picture or sound quality. In some cases HDX streaming may actually be better The main difference between the two is the visual and audio quality; A Blu-ray disc is able to provide the viewer with a 1920×1080 resolution. This is an extremely high level of HDTV quality and is currently unequalled in its vision. In order to play your new Blu-ray discs you will need to update your DVD player to a Blu-ray player Verbatim DVD-R, Verbatim DVD+R and Verbatim DVD+R Double-Layer discs are our top suggestions for the ultimate in disc quality, as Mitsubishi-made media have been a consistent high-quality performer since 2001. JVC Taiyo Yuden media is an excellent second choice. Gold discs ARE NOT the best discs

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Noting that including a DVD player in the PlayStation 2 was a major moment in generating DVD adoption, Sony wanted the PlayStation 3 to carry a Blu-ray player on-board, to try and repeat the trick. Well, the facts are in, and the verdict is: Yes, Blu-Ray is better than DVDs. It's better than streaming, too, providing cleaner, crisper imaging, more room for movie extras, and overall a..

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Superior image and sound quality over everything else for commercial exhibition ( Film, tape, Blu-ray) Huge cost savings for DCP mastering and distribution compared to Film Prints and even tape. Broad Acceptance: Nearly all cinema screens will be Digital by 2015 HDTV - DVD vs. Blu-ray . For presenting your videos on an HDTV, you have a few choices. The easiest choice, but with the least desirable video quality is to burn your slide show to a DVD and play the DVD on your HDTV. DVD's have an intrinsic resolution of 720×480 pixels (NTSC) and 720×540 pixels (PAL) In theory, these streaming services offer picture quality that is comparable to Ultra HD video discs, the latest in digital video disc technology, and substantially better than a traditional 1080p. I realize internet speed as well as tv/Blu Ray player will affect these results. I have a 55 4K tv with the Panasonic UB900 UHD Blu Ray player. So I know they both upscale SD quality much better than streaming sd quality. However, just don't know if hd streaming or DVD on the Blu Ray player would look better for those not released in Blu Ray Disc vs. Streaming: Pros, Cons, and Quality Thomas J. Norton | May 3, 2016 With a Blu-ray or Ultra HD Blu-ray disc I only have to buy it once and it's always there, on the shelf, ready to access whenever I want it and offering the best of the best in both picture and sound quality

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The compression algorithms differ from provider to provider. If you don't want to do without it and want to have the full home cinema experience, you have to use physical media - for example the Ultra HD Blu-ray. DVD vs. Blu-ray. In order to explain the technical capabilities of the Ultra HD Blu-ray, we have to fall back a few years Due to the latter, only a Blu-ray Player can play AVCHD discs. The good thing about AVCHD discs is that you get the same quality as on a Blu-ray Disc but you will have much less storage space (e.g. 4.7 GB with single layer, or 8.5 GB when using a double layer DVD disc)

Digital HD V.S. Blu-ray: Video Quality. The standard Blu-ray disc is 720P or 1080P. You can also find the 4K Blu-ray movies. The 1080P Blu-ray with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels at 53.95 Mbit/s Bitrate. A single-layer Blu-ray disc can hold 25GB of data and a dual-layer disc can hold 50GB. As the 4K Blu-ray, it has a resolution of 3840x2160. Blu-ray Disc has a higher maximum disc capacity than HD DVD (50 GB vs. 30 GB for a double layered disc). In September 2007 the DVD Forum approved a preliminary specification for the triple-layer 51GB HD DVD (ROM only) disc though Toshiba never stated whether it was compatible with existing HD DVD players Sound Quality DvD vs Blu-Ray. Question. Hi guys, Im looking for sound/audio experts or people who have both dvd and blu ray versions of concerts. I understand that bluray looks better I just wonder if the Babymetal concerts also sound better on bluray Video: Friends arrives on Blu-ray with 1080p widescreen transfers remastered from the 35mm film elements. This is the first time Friends has ever been released on home media in widescreen. Friends was only released on DVD in the original broadcast aspect ratio of 1.33:1 full frame. Many fans will undoubtedly find this confusing VHS vs. Beta all over Again? Both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD discs enable HDTV reproduction because of their massive storage capacities. Using dual-layer techniques, HD-DVD can store as much as 30 gigabytes of data while a Blu-Ray disc can pack in a whopping 50 gigabytes

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Here are some very legit reasons why blu-ray beats streaming: BETTER QUALITY. Blu-ray duplication, and its cousins- DVD and CD replication, might seem like obsolete (and impractical) media from the Jurrasic era. But then when you actually watch a movie in a blu-ray disk, deymmmm the viewing experience is just way better. You can't quite. A couple weeks ago, I found an open-box Toshiba HD-A35 (1080p/24fps) with a 2 year protection plan for $150 out the door. It came with 7 free HD DVD's (most of which are pretty lame). Yesterday, I read a thread about Sears on the East Coast offering some Samsung BDP-1200's (1080p/24fps) for under $100. I called every Sears in the Los Angeles area until I found one

(Originally answered: Why is a DVD better than VHS?) * Media - Tape is an inherently fragile medium. anybody who was there remembers the frustration of a tape getting eaten in your machine. VHS tapes are read by physically running the tape ribbo.. Regardless of the financial costs associated with the purchase of a Blu-ray player, many consumers may still desire this piece of technological equipment for their man cave.According to some experts, the image provided by a Blu-ray player may be of such a high quality that a personal home theater, which uses this piece of equipment, may result in an experience which is even better than one. Technically, the picture quality of 4K Blu-ray should be much superior than 4K streaming.. But then you'll not see the difference between 4K Blu-ray and 4K streaming when you're watching a 4K streaming movie that doesn't have much action (where people are just talking - drama movies)

Blu ray VS DVD VS 4K UHD Top Differences Compariso

Blu-ray was developed and launched to tackle the issue of even more capacity being needed for higher quality video. 128GB of data can be stored on a single disc, making it a versatile means of. Blu-ray likewise. The DVD disc can take about 4.7Gb of any sort of file, just as if were a USB chip. However, the DVD 'process' which formats videos, on DVD discs with menus etc. limits you video to the 480×720 size

DVD-Video Disc and Burner Formats; DVD-R vs DVD+R. Every time I go to a computer or electronics store to buy blank discs, I see confused faces staring at the media racks, as if the media were doing some sort of odd dance. The people just stare, shaking their head in confusion at the pretty round things on the shelves in front of them Finally, upscaling of DVD doesn't provide a true HD image, BUT it CAN (particularly on players with better quality video processors e.g. OPPO, Some Pioneer and Panasonic models) be a big improvement over native DVD, and on a 720p display (fairly common) is ALMOST as good as Blu-ray On paper, Blu-ray is certainly the quality winner, with the standard supporting video encoded using H.264 at a resolution of 1,920x1,080, delivered at a bit-rate of up to 40Mbit/s They may use a mix/master on the Blu-ray that you think sounds better than the CD, they may not. There's nothing stopping them from using the same master for the Blu-ray and CD. Of all the albums I have in CD and DVD, I prefer the DVD mix, but that doesn't mean you would think the same, or that it applies to every CD and DVD or Blu-ray VUDU's HDX titles compare to Blu-ray's picture quality. B. Drawbaugh | 10.16.08. and the lack of artifacts is one of many reasons why we just love to watch Blu-ray movies

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DVDs - neu oder gebraucht. Kostenlose Lieferung möglic Blu-ray is for high definition display, with its resolution up to 1920 x 1080, namely 2,073,600 pixels; while DVD is a standard definition format, with its resolution as 720 x 480 or 720 x 576 - that's 345,600 pixels. Therefore the resolution of Blu-ray is exactly 6 times larger than that of DVD Using dual-layer techniques, HD-DVD can store as much as 30 gigabytes of data while a Blu-Ray disc can pack in a whopping 50 gigabytes. In the lab, techies already are working on several-layered discs that could allow more than 100 gigabytes of storage on one disc

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But the days of the DVD/Blu-ray collection have come to a close. The big player these days is streaming, and in theory, it's a good one. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, iTunes, Vudu, and others offer a. Chances are if you're looking to buy a Blu-ray or DVD player in 2019, you're doing so with the intent of watching Blu-ray discs or DVDs. For film and TV enthusiasts—the kind of people who follow actors' or directors' careers, who pay particular attention to cinematography or whether the score is or isn't diagetic—owning a DVD or Blu-ray (or 4K/HDR Blu-ray) is more than just owning a way to. Disc support includes CD, SACD, DVD, Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray, and Ultra HD Blu-ray. It also supports playback of MPEG2, H264, and H265 video files in commonly used containers. As I used the X700, I. CD and DVD players have a red laser. Blu-ray players have both a blue laser and a red laser, and will use the appropriate one based on the media being played. If your Blu-ray player is a higher quality player than your CD player, yes it could sound better if it has a better transport mechanism and digital-to-audio circuitry

Blu-ray: Godzilla vs

Do you stream movies or play DVDs or Blu-rays? - CNE

A single-layer Blu-ray disc can hold 25GB of data and a dual-layer disc can hold 50GB. In comparison, a 1080P movie you download from iTunes is mostly around or under 6GB. A compressed video will inevitably have some artifacts like softness or banding that could have negative effects on the image quality All Blu-ray players will happily play both Blu-rays and DVDs - that's a given. All Blu-rays will play in Full HD (1080p), so as long as you have an HDTV to play them on, you'll get the benefit of this. DVDs don't play at native HD, but almost all standard Blu-ray players will upscale the footage, which means they will simulate Full HD on your TV

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The Blu-ray came under a lot of scrutiny due to the way it varies aspect ratios between 1.78:1 and 2.35:1 but it's about 10,000 times better than the DVD. Iron Man -- The upconverted DVD looks soft and EE ruins a lot of the wide shots. The Blu-ray looks fantastic. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince -- This was my last DVD purchase DVD / DVD-A . CD . Sampling Rate . 2.8224 MHz (64 x 44.1 kHz) Up to 192 kHz. 44.1 kHz. Amount of Bits . 1 bit. 16 to 24 bits. 16 bits. Dynamic Range (Maximum) 104 to 108 dB. 104 to 108 dB. 96 to 98 dB. Copy Protection . Yes. Yes. No; at time of writing. Multi Channel Capability . Yes. Yes. Yes; but with very lossy compression. Brick Wall. For frequent travelers, portable DVD players allow for viewing in any setting, without the need for a wireless connection. Just pop in a disc and go. For home theatre buffs, HDMI-compatible players can offer the ultimate viewing experience, and many players are capable of Blu-Ray playback for incredible visual definition

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Over 10 years ago, Samsung released the first commercial Blu-ray video disc player. Within a few years, Samsung and other Blu-ray OEMs had defeated their rival HD DVD manufacturers. They were set. Talking of differences, the data in a DVD is advanced in quality and sharpness and video files in DVD's are of HD quality, and if you wish to store films, it is better to use a DVD-R instead of a CD-R as not only is the video quality better, more space means you can store up to 5 films in a DVD-R, while a CD-R can hold only one film Maximize the video quality while compressing a full disc Blu-ray 08/20/2020 As far as shrinking or compressing a genuine Blu-ray disc to fit a smaller blank BD-25 disc is concerned, there is always a headache on how to achieve the best video quality while still bring down the output size to the minimal, because deep down in people's concept, they believe compression always comes at a cost of. Blu-ray was more advanced, offering greater on-disc storage (with dual-layer discs holding up to 50GB), but HD DVDs were cheaper to manufacture and could be churned out on existing production..

Battle of the Screens: Streaming and DVD vs

For example, most Blu-ray players can play back DVDs at their native 720 x 480 resolution but will upscale them to 1080p images for an HDTV. In some cases, a Blu-ray player can even upscale the 1080p image from a Blu-ray disc up to 4K resolution Panasonic has its fair share of 4K Blu-ray players out there, but few match the quality of the DP-UB420P Ultra-HD model. The sleek option looks costly, but Panasonic aimed to keep the price. Netflix and other streaming services have worse than CD quality sound. I guess most people have mediocre sound bar playback audio for home theater, and I understand they could care less, or are unaware of better sound quality. Most Blu-ray audio is high rez ( better than CD quality). And DVD audio quality can be CD quality

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The Blu-ray standard was jointly developed by a group of consumer electronics and PC companies called the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA). As compared to the HD DVD format, its main competitor, Blu-ray has more information capacity per layer, 25 instead of 15 gigabytes, but may initially be more expensive to produce Hey folks - I am trying to simplify life - in our living room system we have an older but still working (and pic is beautiful) Sony ES series blu ray player - the only shortcoming of this player is that if we use it as a CD Player the sound is lackluster - I temporarily installed my circa 1990 Denon 5 disc player and it blows it away - are the newer Blu Ray players like the Oppo units up t In all this time of being a rather devoted Blu-ray collector, I realized that I don't own any of the Looney Tunes cartoons on Blu-ray. I was rather pleased to find that the Platinum collections #1-3 on Blu-ray were available on Amazon and Best buy between $17-$20 each. So, I just ordered the..

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