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Über 80% neue Produkte zum Festpreis. Riesenauswahl. Neu oder gebraucht kaufen. Schon bei eBay gesucht? Hier gibt es Markenqualiät zu günstigen Preisen Aktuelle Preise für Produkte vergleichen! Heute bestellen, versandkostenfrei Abu Garcia 507 Mk2 fishing reel review. Bread punch on the waggler for carp July 15, 2019 at 7:34 pm Back in my serious match fishing days, Abu closed face reels were my ultimate choice for waggler and stick float fishing, first with a pair of 506's, then with a couple of 501's I was asked to do another video of making my whip wagglers as you couldnt see propely what I was doing in the first one, I was also asked to do one of maki.. How to catch roach on bread punch with a waggler rod on the Forth & Clyde Canal

Fishing the punch Many punches have heads that are too deep - they don't compress the bread enough, so it falls off the hook too easily. You can get round this by steaming and rolling the bread, but the real answer is punches with shallow (1-2mm deep) heads Match Fishing Ace Mark Pollard shows you how to use Bread Punch for fishing Natural Waters. Bread is a great bait for winter fishing on natural waters such a.. Dace, roach, perch and chub are all ideal targets for waggler fishing on rivers - and shotting patterns should follow the same principles of a nice, controlled drop that you'd be looking for in the roach fishing we covered previously. Baits including bread flake/punch, maggots, casters and worm are great options. OK - so what did we miss? Fished the waggler and bread punch; Caught Tench, Mirror Carp, Roach and Crucian Hybrid; Intro. It has been windy. Not just windy, but windy windy, yellow met office warning windy. On Sunday morning the wind was forecasted to drop slightly and the sun to make an appearance in the first half of the day

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Waggler and maggot top pole and bread punch at Braybrooke needlematch March 7, 2017 at 8:17 pm An invite to join an ex team mate and match fishing rival John, for a pleasure fishing session at Jeanes pond in Braybrooke park, seemed like a good way to catch up, while catching a few fish Alan Barnes is your Cadence TV host this week. He's on a mission to land some 'crumping' roach on the River Ribble at Preston, Lancashire. In this video, Ala.. Feed corn an and a small amount of mashed bread close to the near Bank lily beds and fish bread flake and possibly corn just off bottom over this feed Also feed maggot in the deeper water about 3 rod lengths out and fish wagg n mag over the top However probably won't work so will likely end up fishing 6m whip with maggot..! Bread punch beats the cold for rudd and carp November 21, 2019 at 4:14 pm The coldest night of the year so far had left the grass crunchy white, but by 11 am the low winter sun was out and warm on my back, as I took the 10 minute walk to a nearby pond for a few hours on the bread punch

What is the best way to hook bread to cast a fair distance and sink line etc without it coming off? im using a waggler to get where i want to be 6bb so its a fair old chuck but the bread either comes off or just falls off after a minute or so. got a bread punch. is it best to put on a few discs.. I started by feeding liquidised bread to various swims then fishing over the top with double bread punch (5mm?) on a size 16 straight through to 3.5lb mainline. I didn't have a single touch until I reached my second peg choice when I'm sure I had a tiny tap but that was all Bread punch, on a Waggler, size 6-8 hooks, had them on the surface or a very long drop. Personally would not want to put a Harbour Mullet on the Barby, sooner the open water Mullet not saying i don't mind catching them from the Harbour, i find that some ground bait, a little and often, a mix of bread and bran crumb a little water helps get them on the feed once one starts, the rest will follow

Bread Time! After feeding the feeder line with a few feeders full of bait and then flicking a few maggots down the middle it was bread time! Drennan Brass Head Punches in 3mm, 4mm and 5mm sizes were the order of day James showcases the forthcoming Cadence pole by catching bream on bread punch on a Midland Canal. Watch, enjoy and learn!Subscribe to us on YouTube - https:/.. Anglers use a tool called a bread punch to 'punch out' small discs of the bread to use on the hook, typically anything from a size 18 through to a size 22. Some anglers like to roll the bread slice hard and flat to ensure it will hold longer on the hook, as the bread tends to easily fall off My first proper punch session in a long time resulted in mainly 3-10oz roach, plus a few bonus skimmers. Quite a few roach were taken on hemp and tares, having to wait a bit longer for bites than when using punch. I caught the skimmers on 4mm pellets of compressed bread, which swell up to around 6mm when submerged A light drizzle still lingered in the air, as I set up my pole at seven metres to fish my usual summer, or winter light waggler rig, mixing up a wet mix of liquidised bread with a dusting of ground carp pellets and a few dozen 2 mm krill pellets, which soon softened to add a bit more attraction

Image Bread Punch Set. The Condition is NEW, a lovely unused set of 6 bread punches, brass heads, top quality, in original pouch. Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class. A1 Image Bread Punch Set NEW match Course Fishing Pole Float Waggler | eBa Continuing our series on the top ten greatest anglers is a profile of Ian Heaps, son of Stockport angler, Jim Heaps. One of Ian's earliest memories is fishing with his father at the age of five. Between them they caught small canal roach on bread punch Bread punch became popular during the 27 years I lived 6,000 miles away and was hoiking out carp on maize. flightliner Well-known member. Joined Dec 2, 2009 Messages 6,787 a tip for anyone wanting to use it on a waggler or whip is to get a 10ml or 20ml plastic syringe (sterile ones available from e-bay) cut off the end to remove the nozzle. The hook is a size 14 or 16, again species specific. My size of punch on the hook is from 6mm to 10mm. I will use thick white bread and before I punch it, I will push my finger over the bread to compress it more forming a nice flat pellet of bread Mix the liquidised bread and the dry white crumb or punch crumb together vigorously, then start dripping water into the mix until you can squeeze a firm ball (firm but not stodgy or rock-hard) with one hand. This is the texture and consistency you want to achieve

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Just use bread straight from the packet,medium or thick sliced. Feed a walnut of liquidised from your cupping kit and fish over it with your smallest punch. Increase the size of punch and hook if bites are quick Silverfish expert Lee Klimczuk shares some useful advice on fishing with bread punch in our latest tippy video. We met up with the Fenland match ace on the banks of the River Glen near Spalding. His trio of handy tips and tricks are sure to help you catch more on bread this winter. Watch the video >> As per all the above replies but on stillwaters, it can also be fished on the waggler, bulk shot around float with dropper about 9 below, 6mm piece of punched bread (I just compress it between my fingers and punch it out) on a size 16 hook On hard days (particularly cold ones) I think that liquidised bread feeds off fish too quickly whereas punch crumb just keeps them interested. I did an artical some time back on Short Whip Fishing but cannot find it on the new FM - but feeding is covered; where I would rorationally feed at 10 - 12 and 2 o-clock and only take 2 or 3 fish from.

Cut the needle end off and use the syringe as a punch, use the plunger if you need to compress the bread. Should be able to get a variety of sizes from the chemist. No good as the plunger rubber is normally conical in shape so would bottom out before compressing fully Drennan Bread Punch his set of punchs effectively covers everything from delicate roach fishing using hooks down to size 22 through to carp, tench and bream on lakes or chub on rivers using the larger diameter punches & hooks up to 8 Depends on the speed of your river but, a small waggler with a tip insert would be better I feel. Place a tiny bit of washing up liquid between your thumb and forefinger and rub your main line approximately 600mm (2 foot) above your float to get it to sink behind the float and your presentation will be better The VisiWag 4 is a classic Loaded Insert waggler ideal for short to medium distances. Peacock Quill is fast being replaced by modern, hi-tech alternatives such as those used for the Visi Wags. It is available in 5 sizes ranging from 1g (1 1/2BB) through to 2g (2 1/2AA) ACCESSORIES TOOLS AND TERMINAL FOR COARSE FISHING. Oakwood Store 29 Reservoir Road, Southgate, London, N14 4BB 0208 882 682

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I would set up 2 waggler rods one with a bulk shot near the hooklength and one for fishing on the drop, bait wise it would be maggot, caster and maybe bread punch if not casting to far with maybe some red worms as a change bait. I might also set a whip up again depending on distance but this is only because I quite enjoy fishing the whip It didn't take long for anglers to realize that this float was quite exceptional, and most type of very light fishing could be done with this float Bread punch squatt and pinkie fishing became superlative with this method of float This float which was self cocking by way of a brass insert at its base, was probably the most sensitive float of its day, accounting for increased catches, it become very popular with anglers from all over the country To punch out a pellet, lay the slice on a clean, hard surface and push the bread-punch into the bread with a slight twisting motion. The pellet is now lodged in the head of the punch, ready for hooking. Feed and feeding. The two main types of feed used when fishing the punch are cloudbait and liquidized bread

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Punch Set. This handy pack of double ended bread punches offer the angler a very comprehensive range of punch sizes. The ergonomic handles with brass punch heads come in sizes: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 7mm Perfect waggler conditions meant weights spread around the lake and a close finish. 1st Fred Fairman peg 27, 105lb 9oz inc fish of 12lb 8oz last cast, waggler n pellet. 2nd Dave Glasgow peg 16, 99lb 1oz , inc 2 fish 11lb, waggler n pellet When using bread paste, flake or punched bread on the hook, ground bait the swim with liquidised bread in the summer, and a bread based cloud ground bait in the winter. Use small conker size balls and throw them in regularly to maintain a cloud in the water. Whereas for example, when using maggot on the hook, catapult a few out on every cast Some quality roach getting on for a pound caught on bread punch over hemp using waggler and centre pin. Its a nice autumn spot. Also a few skimmers and perch on maggots were caught

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  1. Bread Punch Tips With Lee Klimczuk. Drennan International posted a video to playlist Tips & Tactics.. January 6, 2017 ·
  2. The texture of the bread I use on the hook is vital for fishing the punch method at speed, I need to miss bites and re-cast several times without the bait falling off. The day before (or if possible, the morning of) the match I get the freshest loaf possible, usually with 4 - 5 days sell by on them. They think I am mad at the local supermarket.
  3. This listing is for a set of Brass Head Drennan Bread punch set, size from 2.5mm to 7mm full set, they have slight signs of use. Postage to UK only. eBay Marketplaces GmbH (of Helvetiastraße15-17, 3005, Bern, Switzerland) is authorised by the FCA to conduct credit broking for a restricted range of finance providers
  4. A few carp did put in an appearance which lead to a tight finish. 1st Tony Atkinson peg 18 , 37lb 12oz , 4 carp long pole and bread punch. 2nd Bob Lane peg 11, 37lb 5oz inc fish of 11lb 2oz, 4 carp pole and bread punch. 3rd Dave Glasgow peg 13, 31lb 7oz, 4 carp pole and bread. 4th Mel Barnett peg 20 , 31lb 1oz , 4 carp long pole and bread. 5th.
  5. Preparing bread for punch fishing. Jump to Latest knee syndrome is unavoidable and if you fish a pole will no what I mean and on a river rather like to fish the tip or waggler ,maby if ime lucky to have deepish water by my feet the stick or further out the bolo but most of the time it's hard fishing and I end up fishing the pole feeder.

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  1. Canal waggler floats, set of 5 preloaded - roach, tench, bream canal fishing. £7.99. Click & Collect. £1.99 postage. 6 Premier Canal Float Maggot Pinkie Punched Bread Slow River Chub Rod Fishing. £9.95 to £16.90. Click & Collect. £0.89 postage. SIWI Simon Willsmore Pole float perfect for Canals, Drains and small River all s.
  2. One other waggler set up used on the Fens is the 'Skinner' rig (above), developed several years ago by the very successful bread angler Derek Skinner, particularly on the Old Nene at March. Unlike a conventional waggler, the Skinner is actually a modified standard 'Image' pole float, or a purpose built wire stemmed peacock dibber with a fibre.
  3. The Sphere Feeder Ultra Lite isn't just for feeder fishing; it's a brilliant hook to use when pole, stick or waggler fishing, especially with small delicate baits such as bloodworm, pinkies, squats and one of my favourites, bread punch
  4. Drew peg 51 and caught 3lb of small roach some perch + 2 bonus chub for 6lb 10oz. Caught the roach on bread punch and one chub on old school straight lead and one on waggler. Monty, our new puppy, came with me and slept soundly for most of the match! Excitement was clearly too much for him
  5. Unfortunately the chub didn't show up. I fished live and dead red maggots as well as bread punch all on the waggler in all depths from 2 feet from the surface down to the bottom at about 8 - 9 feet and the roach, skimmers and perch made for constant action throughout the session. Great fun

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  1. In clear water the best bet is bread punch and liquidised feed with the quantity of the latter needing to be carefully judged as the fish are easily overfed in these conditions. This can be by float fishing (pole, stick float or perhaps a small waggler) or with a tiny cage feeder. The roach by this method usually average around 3 to 4 ounces.
  2. o pellets. Paul Kozyr
  3. How to prepare bread for the hook. Bread Punch Fishing for roach on the Forth & Clyde Canal. Bread Punch Fishing on the Forth & Clyde Canal with a waggler rod ©2011 Scottish Federation for Coarse Angling | Site design and development by Mark Palmer.
  4. Hello pal,i've had 2 out the observatory a few times and 1 out of presa.I was using size 10 hooks with single small corn,white maggot both live and artificial,chopped worm and the sinking bread flake.Also on the waggler float rig size 20 and 18 worked well mate with bread punch.I suppose everybody will differ with tacktics m8 but stick at it you'll be landing em in no time
  5. Matrix 12mm Pellet Waggler (2pack) From £6.66. Ringers Rod Rest From £3.33. Drennan DMS Pellet Strainer £2.46. Drennan DMS Bait Seal Bait Boxes Sensas Foam Bodied Floats. Home > Accessories > Matrix Bread Punch Set (GAC354) Matrix Bread Punch Set (GAC354) Remove from my Favourites. Add to my Favourites. Brass Bread Punch Set. More.
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First run down on a waggler with bread punch and the float slid under. Missed it! Second run down and the float slid under in exactly the same place. Must be a snag. But the snag began to move. The slow pace seemed a bit like a bream but as the fish came nearer, the flash of a large silver flank showed a really good chub. As the fish realised. Using a 2.5lb Test curve rod, 50lb braid and a nice big loaded waggler fishing a couple of rod lengths out using punched butter milk bread on the size 8 (thai size) hook. Squeezing a bit of ground bait around the small piece of lead and swivel which created a short hook length fished slightly over depth to anchor the rig in the wind On canals in the winter then bloodworm and joker, where this is allowed, or bread punch are often far more reliable approaches. Rigs for canal roach need to be made up on fine lines (0.08 to 0.06) with small floats (4 x 12 or 4 x 10) and small hooks (24 or 26)

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Quality Brass Bread Punch Sets. Product Description. These 2 sets of Punches are available in 2 sets for different size hooks For bread punch work it is hard to beat either a Kamasan B511 or a Colmic N957 hook. Others worth having in your seatbox are Kamasan B560s when on bream and the Kamasan B512, a red version of the B511, for harder conditions when bites are at a premium. The whip waggler enables you to sink the line from flick tip to float, beating the wind.

Winter chub baits (Image credit: Angler's Mail). LOBWORM. The humble lobworm is one of the best all-round baits out there, in my view. Slipped onto a size 8 or 10 hook and flicked out to splash and settle under a weed raft, or on the edge of a 'crease' in the flow Winter Waggler Wonderland on Kingfisher. The early bird catches with worm on Heron. The Fantastic Fox Pool The New and Improved Badger. Autumn Worm and Caster on Kingfisher Winter Maggot Feeder on Kingfisher This Little Pinkie Went to Badger Bread Punch on Kingfisher Season turning pellet. Maggot for big silver nets on Badger. Herons Beastie

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5 Silvery surface feeder with delicate scales (5) 6___ waggler is a clear plastic, sliding float (7) 7 Stage in a contest (3) 8 A ___ river rises and falls rapidly (*a pest) (5) 14 Sort of shark - cares for the sick? (5) 16____ Skinner, 'bread punch king' (5) 17 Rubbish container... in Abingdon (3) 18 Hookbaits with two or more different. MATRIX IMPACT BAGGING WAGGLER SMALL. A$6.77 A$6.77. Only a few left! PLUMB-EZEE (Depth finder / float ledger) A$7.19 A$7.19. Only a few left! MATRIX MOULDED BAIT BANDS . A$4.45 A$4.45. MATRIX BREAD PUNCH SET. A$10.78 A$10.78. MATRIX RECTANGLE POLE SOCK. A$16.20 A$16.20. Only a few left! MATRIX CARP BAGGER HOOKS. A$2.70 A$2.70. FOX EDGES MULTI. Keeping the bread a consistent size can only be done properly with a bread punch and here we have a set that comprises of a variation of punch sizes. Product Compare (0) 21 25 50 75 10 they are specifically designed for loaded pellet wagglers & splashing wagglers,where the use of locking shot is not needed to fix the float in place.they hold tight on your line when casting,but slide freely up & down when in the water.but they can be used with all floats in almost all situations It stands out well and because of the lightness of bread, it flutters down to the bottom very slowly, ensuring that any nearby carp, roach or skimmer bream can see it and make a move to take it. Bread is best fished in conjunction with a punch crumb groundbait, available from all good tackle shops

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Half a dozen slices had had their crusts removed and microwaved for 20 seconds; I then compressed the bread with a rolling pin before individually wrapping them in Clingfilm. Today I chose to begin with punch and pressed a Drennan flake tool into the bread before passing the hook through it twice 1. THE WAGGLER. Waggler floats are attached bottom-end only with the reel line running through a plastic or metal eye. Wagglers are locked in place by split shot nipped either side of the eye. The vast bulk of the shot must be placed around the eye in order for them to be cast accurately over long distances FLADEN Fishing - A set of 30 Assorted Waggler Floats Classic Clear Crystal with Hi-Viz Red Tips (13cm to 23cm) - For Most types of Coarse Fishing [40-072] MIDDY BREAD PUNCH's 4 X SIZES Bread Punch set now with a new improved design. You get four popular head sizes in the one pack. Customer Questions & Answer Bread & Meat Punch Set in full zip wallet, ideal carp bait preperation. 4.5 out of 5 stars 33. FLADEN Fishing - A set of 6 (2 x 1.5g 2.3g & 3.2g) Classic Loaded Clear Waggler SPECIMEN Floats - For Most types of Coarse Fishing [21-3302] 4.2 out of 5 stars 104

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Match anglers often refer to the lines they use in diameters, rather than breaking strain, which can be confusing to some. They use this terminology when talking about the thickness of the high-tech lines they use, mostly when pole-fishing. So, to help you understand each line's true strength we have compiled a list showing the most commonly used line diameters and their average relative. Tubertini Uni. Tubertini Uni has a ultra fine wire stem and Nylon antenna. A popular pattern for Hemp, Squat and Bread punch in slow moving water, the body has a slight shoulder for greater control and stability, a float designed by popular demand

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Allcock Bread Punch Set 6 Sizes at Glasgow Angling Centre. Free shipping on all orders over £50 to UK mainland! Bread Punch Pack of 6 different sized bread punches. 5mm - 2mm diameter and 3mm deep Brass Head Bread Punches offer a massive range of sizes to choose from when bread punch fishing. This extensive range effectively covers everything from delicate roach fishing, using hooks down to a sizes 22 and 24, right through to larger carp, tench and bream on lakes or chub on rivers using the larger diameter punches with hooks up to sizes. When fishing Tench and Crucian Lake both pole and waggler score equally well with the same techniques and baits as those recommended for Carp Lake scoring highly. Ian Heaps' favourite technique, however, is to fish a quarter-inch bread punch close in on the slope over a tangerine sized ball of liquidised bread

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The bream and roach respond well to bread punch, but can also be caught on caster, maggot or sweet corn. There are some carp in the lake, but these are rarely caught unless fished for. The individual match record stands at 85 lbs for a 6 hour match, with second and third places both weighing in at over 75lbs each respectively 2. Bread. Bread is a long-time winner amongst the top winter fishing baits. It especially scores on the rivers where chub and roach both adore it in the form of flake, crust or punch. Although mashed bread is widely used as groundbait when bread fishing, for winter use a finely liquidised white, sliced loaf 82 Worksop Rd, Sheffield S26 4WD 01142873070 | 07711683572 Website Design By Local ExposureLocal Exposur

Down the shallow on the waggler fishing 6mm soft pellet from which I caught loads of small skimmers, but at 2 o'clock carp were seen over by the tyre close to the bank, so with pop-up bread I had 6 good carp to ten pounds. All came within two foot of the bank Long pole or waggler with bread punch and caster work best, while worms will always tempt some perch. STILLWATERS Bradshaw Hall Fisheries. Where? Bolton, Manchester, BL2 4JW. Day tickets from £8

Discuss all your fishing books & magazines here. Post Reply. Print vie Ideal set of punches for bread or small meat particles, black grip handle with quality steel tops12mm 15mm & 17mm SizesSold in Single set of Thre

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Caster, worm, sweetcorn and bread all hold sway when it comes to hook baits in summer. In winter you are less likely to catch the tench and bream but the roach can provide super sport. In clear water bread punch over liquidised bread reigns supreme with a separate chopped worm in caster line for the bonus fish Bread has worked for me, as have worms. I am far more knowledgeable about the type of hook-bait to use when targeting a particular species of fish. This is, of course, a relative term and more knowledgeable in my case means a bit above zero knowledge! Liquidised fresh bread and compressed bread-punch was attracting some nice skimmers and bream

Crystal waggler - crystal waggler is the name for a float that has been made out of transparent plastic. Cut - a narrow body of water. A Cut is also another name for a canal Bread punch - a bread punch is a small tube type device. There are many different sizes of bread punches for different hook sizes. The bread punch is pushed down onto a. The Crucian Carp average about 1lb 8oz but run much larger. Indeed, already in 1999 a 3lbs 4oz specimen has been taken. The crucians tend to favour float-fished bread punch or bread flake fished either on or just off the bottom. Waggler fishing four or five rod lengths out tends to result in catches of roach and skimmers which often reach 30lbs. With weights from 39 to 15lbs, this end was a good decision. After a good practice on Saturday with bream to 4lbs and Hybrids to 2lbs all caught on 10mm bread punch on the deck and 4' off. I fed liquidized bread and corn, I was into fish straight away and by feeding corn I caught a few roach of the deck Quality Brass Bread Punch Sets. Quality Brass Bread Punch Sets. From £9.96. View. Drennan Bucket Set 25Litre. Bucket Set. Bucket Set. From £7.92. View. Drennan Catapult Pouches (2020) Spare Pouches For Pole & Waggler Catapults. Spare Pouches For Pole & Waggler Catapults. Spare Pouches For Pole & Waggler Catapults. From £2.71. View.

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MFC Outdoor Stores have been trading since 1981, supplying a fantastic range of outdoor, fieldsports and fishing tackle, clothing and equipment, with a wide range of airguns, firearms, shotguns, knives, rods, reels, tackle, furniture and accessories Maggots are always a favourite here with pinkie and caster bread punch and hemp also. If you are fishing for the dace you must feed a catapult full of maggots every cast, this keeps the dace up in the water and competing hard so a larger hook 16s-14s are often beneficial as finesse is not required Like most of us, my first encounter with rod and line was with a float rod and a waggler. There was not much fineness about the whole endeavour. My rod had been described as a 'bit of a broomstick', The reel had been pre-loaded with 12lb line and my hook lengths were about three feet long because that is how they came in the packet Pairs: Stanjays) 13 lb 12 oz, skimmers and Barry Hickford/Jed Spurgeon both roach, poled bread punch, end peg 5 points. Sun, 16. Kevin Humphries on Wigstones Bridge culvert © 1962-2021 Bauer Media GroupBauer Media Group consists of: Bauer Consumer Media Ltd, Company number: 01176085, Bauer Radio Ltd, Company Number: 1394141. Registered.

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