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Women Held A Third Of Fortune 500 GC Spots In 2019 Law360 (January 22, 2020, 10:56 PM EST) -- An increasing number of women held general counsel roles at Fortune 500 companies in 2019, according to.. Women now hold just over a quarter of general counsel positions among the Fortune 500, but when viewed together with other C-suite roles (5 percent of CEOs and 13 percent of CFOs are women), we realize that the underrepresentation of women in the top legal position is part and parcel of a broader issue More Women Than Ever Before in General Counsel Role at Fortune 500 Cos. Alongside improvements to the candidate pool, the increased focus on diversity and inclusion means we are set to see a.. 44 Fortune 500 companies appointed a new General Counsel or Chief Legal Officer in 2020, 2 of whom are serving on an interim basis. 22 of these appointments (50%) were internal promotions. 23 of the newly appointed GCs were women and/or minorities, representing 52% of all appointments made over the year

In 2012, Fortune 500 companies filled 24 percent of their open general counsel positions with female candidates. In 2016, 35 per cent of those jobs went to women - an increase of nearly 50 percent over the course of five years. Changes in way GCs hire Elisa D. Garcia C., who was appointed executive vice president, general counsel, and corporate secretary of Office Depot in July 2007, is only the third Hispanic woman general counsel in the Fortune 500, joining Gloria Santona at McDonald's and Lisa Iglesias at Nordstrom 4 More Women General Counsel at Fortune 500 Companies By Louise N. Smith According to a survey that will appear in its upcoming bi-monthly publication of the Minority Corporate Counsel Association (MCCA), women served as general counsel at 21 percent of Fortune 500 companies in 2011—more than ever before Prominent women in the Fortune 500 general counsel ranks include Karen Roberts of Walmart, Kim Rivera of HP Inc., Elisa Garcia of Macy's, Nicole Jones of Cigna, and Deneen Donnley of USAA

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2019 MCCA Fortune 1000 GC Survey. The population of minority and women general counsel for top U.S. companies grew in 2019 to the highest number that the Minority Corporate Counsel Association has. According to the ABA Commission on Women In The Profession, what percentage of general counsels of Fortune 500 companies are women as of 2018? Hint: The number may not be great, but back in 2000. Women as General Counsel Companies have begun to prioritize hiring women and minorities into the role of General Counsel. Since 1979 the number of female General Counsel has increased. 30% of Fortune 500 companies have women as their General Counsel. A sharp growth in female General Counsel has not led to sharp growth in compensation For example, if a white male general counsel retired in 2019 and an Asian American female was named as his successor the event qualifies as an opportunity for change for two scenarios, being a switch in gender and ethnic group. In the past year, 784 general counsel positions in the Fortune 1000 remained the same Women make up 31 percent of the US general counsel population. Within the elite Fortune 500, the proportion of female GCs drops slightly to 29 percent. The implications of this imbalance are assessed in detail in Part III, where we note the problematic statistic that male GCs are paid an average of 39 percent more than their female counterparts.

Only 31 percent of those GCs in the LinkedIn data were female, and within the Fortune 500, the proportion of female general counsel dropped even lower, to 29 percent. The average pay for a general counsel in the U.S. is $408,000, including both salary and performance-based bonuses, according to the report According to the MCCA, more women served as general counsel of Fortune 500 companies in 2011 than ever before. More than 20 percent of Fortune 500 companies have a female GC — 108 out of 500, to be..

This book is the first full account of the rise and growing clout of women general counsel at Fortune 500 companies. Through in-depth interviews, Courageous Counsel weaves together up-close-and-personal interviews with more than 50 women who have served as GCs at America's largest corporations or have played executive management roles in their legal departments Women Make Up 150 of Fortune 500 GCs This pace of hiring means that women now make up 30% of all General Counsel in the Fortune 500 (the female GC population across all US companies is 31%). Though not ideal, 150 women among the 500 General Counsel roles is vastly ahead of other C-suite positions

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  1. 44 Fortune 500 companies appointed a new general counsel or chief legal officer in 2020. Two of those were interim hires. Half the 2020 appointments were internal promotions
  2. ed trends from the new class— i.e., the 50 Fortune 500 GCs who began in their position after June 2017.Our research dates back to 2014, allowing us to see trends in several key areas
  3. Although women general counsel are based at Fortune 500 companies across the country, six states comprised 50 percent of the list: California with 12 companies, New York with 11, Texas with ten, Illinois with eight, and New Jersey and Virginia each with seven
  4. Courageous Counsel: Conversations with Women General Counsel in the Fortune 500 is the result of an ambitious, well-documented, and well-researched project that chronicles how women have successfully attained and fulfilled the general counsel role in Fortune 500 companies since the first woman was appointed to that position in 1979.The authors—Michele Coleman Mayes, general counsel of.
  5. This analysis is based on Fortune 500 General Counsel route to the top data as of Sep 30, 2020, and includes 487 GCs; The cohort covers all sectors, including Consumer (21.6%), Financial Services (18.3%), Healthcare (8.4%), Industrial and Natural Resources (39.8%) and Technology (11.9%) The cohort is 32.9% female and 15.4% ethnically divers

The survey was conducted by Minority Corporate Counsel Association. The study indicates that there were 92 women general counsel at Fortune 500 companies in 2008, compared to only 44 in 1999, reports Business Insider. In 2011, 108 women were reportedly serving as general counsel at these top companies By Melissa J. Anderson (New York City) According to a new survey by the Minority Corporate Counsel Association, there were more female general counsel at Fortune 500 companies last year than ever before, holding 21% of the roles.. Not only that, but the number of general counsel is rising faster than previously, with 23 women nabbing the top legal seat in the Fortune 500 since 2009

Amy Schulman, general counsel at Pfizer equaljusticeworks/YouTube The number of women serving as general counsel at Fortune 500 companies has more than doubled from 1999 to 2008, according to a. • The number of women general counsel at Fortune 500 companies has accelerated, with 23 added since 2009. • Top female legal officers are increasingly diverse, with about 16 percent. In the 2014 Fortune 500 list, little has changed in gender diversity when compared to 2013's list. In 2014, the Fortune 500 added two new women as general counsel, but women only represented 21% of the total number of the chief legal officers on the list. Men account for a whopping 79% of general counsel Passende Jobs - in Ihrer Region Known for her many firsts in the industry, Mary Ann was the first female general counsel for a Fortune 500 company while at CCH Inc., a leading provider of information services, software and workflow tools for tax, accounting, legal and business professionals

The number of women hired for general counsel jobs in Fortune 500 companies has jumped dramatically in the last five years. Fortune 500 companies are employing more women as general counsel vinnstock. According to a report by Russell Reynolds Associates, Fortune 500 companies are keen to employ women as general counsel with 35 per cent of open. FORTUNE may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. Offers may be subject to change without notice. Quotes delayed at least 15 minutes

The number of female general counsels in the Fortune 500 continues to grow, with women now holding the top legal job in 28 percent of companies, up from 26 percent last year. This is particularly poignant against the backdrop of the #MeToo movement, with workplace diversity issues taking center stage and receiving more attention than ever before 2013- 2015 Named three years in a row as one of 100 top tier female attorneys by Inside Counsel magazine as the Next Generation of General Counsel for the Fortune 500 Since 2014, however, the number of Fortune 500 general counsel appointed from law firms has slid by nearly 50 percent. Another factor behind the growing number of women appointed as general counsel is the dialogue about diversity in the C-suite, 'which has raised awareness and prompted boards and CEOs to make a concerted effort to hire more.

Fortune 500 General Counsel and Top Law Firms Recognized for Commitment in the Advancement of Economic Empowerment of Women within Law Leaders will be honored on September 17, 2014 in Washington, D.C As of 2017, there were 38 African American general counsel in Fortune 1000 companies, representing just under 4% of the overall number. 'We aim to drive more diversity and inclusion in the c-suite of Fortune 1000 companies and in the legal community, initially by increasing the number of African-American GCs in the Fortune 1000 to 50 by the. parts do. While the number of female general counsel at Fortune 500 com-panies has increased to approximately 30 percent in 2018, this is only a mar-ginal increase from 2017. Meanwhile, Hispanics comprise only 1.8 percent of Fortune 500 general counsel — nine out of 500 general counsel. Only 3.8 percent of the Fortune 1,00

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Dhivya Suryadevara, CFO, General Motors Dhivya is General Motors' first female CFO in the company's 110-year history. She was featured on Fortune magazine's 40 under 40 list in 2013, when she was managing $85 billion in pensions as the CEO and Chief Investment Officer of GM Asset Management It is noteworthy that the 71-year-old GC is not one of the recent retirees. As aforementioned, tenure plays a crucial role in GC compensation. Tenure among the female General Counsel within the Top 20 ranged from two to 13 years with a median of 3.6, while tenure for male General Counsel ranged from three to 22 years with a median of 7.4

The Minority Corporate Counsel Association reported in its 2006 survey on female Fortune 500 general counsels that the number of women in the top legal spots has grown just since last year Ms. Hynes was the first female general counsel of a Fortune 500 company and has most recently been senior counsel at the Chicago office of Dentons, the world's largest law firm by number of lawyers The development program is an adjunct to the Project 5/165 (designed to increase the number of female General Counsel in the Fortune 500 from the current 106 to 165) in five years (2017) NEW YORK - March 18, 2014 - Twenty-five years after Mary Ann Hynes' promotion to CCH Incorporated general counsel, a first for women at Fortune 500 companies, ALM's Corporate Counsel assesses the history and current state of that glass ceiling in its April issue and online at corpcounsel.com While the lack of women occupying the role of CEO at Fortune 500 companies and Wall Street firms has been often lamented and debated on The Glass Hammer, a quieter revolution is taking place. Women are ascending to positions of power and influence as Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and Chief Legal Officers (CLOs) or General Counsel, with.

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  1. Rometty, who became IBM's first female CEO in 2012, will be replaced by executive Arvind Krishna who currently serves as the company's senior vice president for cloud and cognitive software. With.
  2. The number of women leading Fortune 500 legal departments is higher than ever while companies increasingly select candidates from the corporate sphere to fill general counsel roles instead of.
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  4. Fortune 500 General Counsel and Top Law Firms Recognized for Commitment in the Advancement of Economic Empowerment of Women within Law . PRNewswire Thursday May 29, 2014 at 11:01 AM
  5. orities, representing 54% of all appointments made over the year. 4

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A general counsel or chief legal officer (CLO) is the chief lawyer of a legal department, usually in a company or a governmental department. In a company, the position typically reports directly to the CEO, and its duties involve overseeing and identifying the legal issues in all departments and their interrelation, including engineering, design, marketing, sales, distribution, credit, finance. Here are four highlights from the general counsel salary survey: Median pay comes in at more than $1.4M. The study found that the median total compensation for general counsel at Fortune 1000 companies was $1,409,982. While this may sound high, compare it to the median pay for chief executives at these same companies, which came in at $9.6 million Katie joined Gibraltar in November 2020 as General Counsel. Prior to joining Gibraltar, Katie was a corporate partner in Kirkland and Ellis LLP's Chicago office. She has extensive experience advising companies on complex acquisition and other financing transactions across a wide variety of industries doing best at the nation's largest companies: four women are general counsel at the seventeen largest companies.20 But only 17 percent of general counsels in the Fortune 501-1000 are female.21 Minority representation in the general counsel ranks of the Fortune 500 is 10 10. Kathleen J. Wu, Bossy is Bitch on Training Wheels, TEX. LA

The number of female general counsels at Fortune 500 companies has more than doubled from 43 since 1999, according to the Minority Corporate Counsel Association, a Washington trade group that. Out of 175 general counsels included in the survey from Fortune 500 companies, a staggering 148 were men, but on an average, a female general counsel earned close to $1.3 million, while mean earned about $1.1 million Ep: 47 Mark Roellig | Senior Client Advisor at Perkins Coie | Helping Others Succeed | Diverse Perspectives | Embrace Realization | Train People to Leave | W..

Her departure marks the first exit of a female Fortune 500 CEO this year, John Simon, who has served as PG&E's executive vice president and general counsel since 2017, will serve as interim. /PRNewswire/ -- Today, the Awards Committee for the 4th annual Transformative Leadership East Awards Dinner proudly announced its 2013 recipients. AGCO,.. Sure. Pitney Bowes is in Stamford, Connecticut. I lived on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. In those days, I think there were only 12 female general counsel of Fortune 500 companies. This was in the 90's. I'd been litigating for a very long time and I thought it was an interesting opportunity, so I took the job Fortune 500, 134 or 26.8% of the companies have female General Counsel. Given the very close correlation in the male to female ratio between the Fortune 500 and our data, we believe a larger data sample would show similar results. > In some cases, a GCs bonus is determined by a self'

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One employee of a large, Fortune 500 company contacted us when the company announced, internally only of course, that when managers were hiring interns, if they hired three, one had to be female, one a minority, and one a top performer In 2012 she was roped in by DuPont, a Fortune 500 MNC, as an in-house counsel. She became the legal head in 2014 for South Asia region. In her current role she works in complicated M&A transaction as well as advises on policy advocacy for the organization. Along with this, she has worked on many IP litigation activities

About 27 percent of general counsels in Fortune 500 companies are female. At the non-general counsel level, female in-house counsels made 8.2 percent less than their male counterparts in 2016, the. Sonia A. Zeledon, Associate General Counsel for Ethics, Compliance and Data Governance, The Hershey Company, HNBA Latina Commission & HNBA Corporate Counsel Division Vice-Chair, Miami, FL PANELISTS Mary Ann Hynes, First Fortune 500 Female General Counsel and Global C-Suite Leader, Chicago, IL 3:00 PM-4:00 PM Leveling Up Your In-House Caree

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Demographically, in 2018, 28 percent of GCs were female and 14 percent minorities, reports Spencer Stuart's annual study, The State of Today's Fortune 500 General Counsel. Average GC age was 55. GCs stay on the job an average of six years. Sixty-two percent of Fortune 500 GCs gained their experience in-house, and 25 percent of externally. I THOUGHT I was going to be pleasantly surprised by what I was about to read and instead found myself facing yet another injustice. Did you know that in 2004 there were only 75 women in general counsel positions at Fortune 500 companies and in 2014 there are a whopping 106 women in general counsel positions at Fortune 500 companies General Counsel Insights Food & Beverages had the highest prevalence of female General Counsels at 22 percent, while Finance & Insurance had the lowest prevalence at 12 percent. Equilar compiled the educational backgrounds of General Counsels within the Fortune 500 and determined the ten most highly attended law schools. The law schools. Hynes was the first female GC of a Fortune 500 company, counseled 17 CEOs, and is now a Senior Counsel at Dentons. She will candidly share her biggest mistakes along the way and how they made her.

Polidora, who also serves as firmwide leader of Pillsbury's Antitrust & Competition team, was selected following a rigorous process that identifies top law firm partners, Fortune 500 general counsel and leading private equity and government lawyers to represent a wide range of business knowledge and industry experience as DirectWomen works to increase the number of women on corporate boards in the U.S Across the Equilar 500, 56 women held a role of General Counsel in 2019, while men occupied 113 of these roles. As the number of male Equilar 500 General Counsel has fallen in the last three years, the number of female General Counsel increased consistently since 2015 Lynch is the highest-ranking female CEO in the Fortune 500. CVS is the largest health provider in the world. Lynch is included on Forbes ' 100 Most Powerful Women in the World 2020 list. 2 2 A new report is hailing the increase in the number of women hired for general counsel jobs in Fortune 500 companies, a trend which is expected to continue. The report by Russell Reynolds Associates found that the rate of hiring female candidates for top legal jobs at Fortune 500 companies jumped nearly 50 percent from 2012 to 2016

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  1. Previously, Diana served in numerous leadership positions for General Cable Corporation, a Fortune 500, publicly traded wire and cable company, that was subsequently acquired by the Prysmian Group. In her last role at General Cable, Diana served as Vice President, Strategy and General Counsel, Asia Pacific and Africa, based in Bangkok, Thailand.
  2. The average employee age for general counsels is 45 years. The general counsel workforce reached a whopping 50,792 in 2020! Among general counsels, we discovered that 37.5% of them are women, while 57.9% are men. The most common race/ethnicity among general counsels is White, which makes up 80.3% of all general counsels
  3. As the global general counsel of Gap Inc., she is one of eight women, out of eleven total executives, on the CEO's senior leadership team that leads a workforce that is about 70 percent female. As a company leader and the Board's Corporate Secretary, she also co-led an effort to add three women to Gap Inc.'s board of directors
  4. The pay for a Fortune 500 General Counsel can reach $6.7 million annually and the GC's empire extends to overseeing several hundred lawyers and teams of legal operations experts. This is particularly true in heavily-regulated or IP-intensive industries where legal departments are the functional equivalent of a large law firm embedded inside.
  5. Keynote speaker Mary Ann Hynes, senior counsel at the Dentons law firm in Chicago, reflected on her career, as well as her status as the first woman to hold a general counsel title at a Fortune 500..

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The most recent edition of Corporate Counsel Magazine has a list of the General Counsels of the Fortune 500 companies includung, in most cases, the law school attended by the GC. A total of 105 law schools were represented The Black General Counsel 2025 Initiative was founded in the summer of 2017. Co-Founders (and Black General Counsel) Ernest Tuckett and April Miller Boise assembled an Advisory Council of prominent Black General Counsel and other leaders to formalize the Initiative. In 2018, the Advisory Counci Hynes was the first female GC of a Fortune 500 company, counseled 17 CEOs, and is now a Senior Counsel at Dentons. She will candidly share her biggest mistakes along the way and how they made her a better leader. The highly interactive session will be confidential, with participants encouraged to share their own war stories

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  1. The Number of Women General Counsels at Fortune 500 Companies Has Steadily Grown Since 1999 53. In 2017, there were 132 women serving as general counsel at Fortune 500 companies, holding 26.4% of those top roles. 5
  2. Today, women make up a significant percentage of the lawyers working in-house, including 25 percent of the GCs of Fortune 500 companies, according to a 2015 report from the Minority Corporate Counsel Association
  3. ation (Employment discri
  4. Lori A. Schechter has served as associate general counsel of McKesson since 2012. Previously, she was a litigation partner at Morrison & Foerster where she represented clients in complex litigation and investigations and served for four years as chair of the 500-lawyer global litigation department
  5. FORTUNE 1000 & GLOBAL 1000 BLACK GCs/CLOs. The goal is 100 Black GCs of Fortune 1000 Companies by 2025

Karin Kinney joined the Office of General Counsel in September 2017 as an attorney specializing in the areas of Development, Tax and Benefits. In her role as Associate General Counsel to the University and the University Health System, she works closely with her clients on various new gifts, naming opportunities, donor relationship issues and Orphans' Court matters Because only 4.4 percent (twenty-two) of Fortune 500 CEOs are women, that pool is too narrowly drawn. My perspective is that here are plenty of qualified women with valuable skills if you look at other executives such as general counsels, CFOs, and chief technology officers. General counsel seems like a natural place to look

Attorneys, Contract Administration, Transactional Attorneys, Subject Matter Experts, General Counsel, Paralegals, Operations, Assistants View Practice Areas. Search and Customized Placements From Temporary to Permanent or Direct Learn More. For Clients. Flexible and budget-friendly access to high-caliber attorneys and paralegals with extensive. Our lawyers are smart and well-credentialed attorneys who are looking to work on a more flexible basis while still practicing relevant, useful, even sophisticated, law. We provide expert, sustainable legal solutions for Fortune 500 corporations, start-up companies and everyone in-between

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Black Female Lawyers/Attorneys 21 hrs · Attorney Desiree Ralls-Morrison, a Harvard Law alumna, to join fast food giant McDonald's as its new general counsel and corporate secretary, effective April 26, 2021 An Advisory Council comprised of Black General Counsel and Chief Legal Officers of large companies has come together to drive an initiative with the following goal: To increase the number of Black General Counsel and Chief Legal Officers (GC/CLO) in large companies (public and private), with an initial focus on increasing the number of GCs in Fortune 1000 companies from 38 to 50 (5%) by the. In 2011, I received a call asking me to join Governor Deval Patrick's administration as the first person of color to serve as the General Counsel of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT). Six months later, the Board of Directors voted to have me also become the first female General Counsel of the Massachusetts Bay. Provides vision, leadership, oversight, counsel, and development to team members and business partners. Who you are. 12+ years of legal experience in an in-house legal department -- preferably at a Fortune 500 public company. Law firm experience a plus. J.D. from an accredited law school; top tier a plus J.C. Penney has a gender-balanced board of directors, a rarity for Fortune 500 firms even in 2019.. CEO Jill Soltau, who joined the Plano-based retailer in October, changed the balance of the. We are a Fortune 500 company employing approximately 15,000 people in 21 countries. 6-8 years of experience practicing in a law firm or corporation providing legal counsel on general business and contractual issues, including advising on insurance or extended service contracts

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