How to connect to local SQL Server with Windows Authentication

Using the SQLSRV driver of the Microsoft Drivers for PHP for SQL Server, the following example uses the Windows Authentication to connect to a local instance of SQL Server. After the connection has been established, the server is queried for the of the user who is accessing the database Open SQL Server Management Studio. In Connect to Server, select Database Engine, enter your SQL Server name, and enter administrator credentials to connect to the server Connect via the JDBC driver: Right-click Databases in the File Explorer and select New Database Connection. In the dialogue window, select MS SQL in the Database type field. Add integratedSecurity=true to the end of the connection string Windows Authentication can also be specified using a keyword. Nothing functionally different from the accepted answer, I think it makes code formatting a bit easier: cnxn = connect (driver=' {SQL Server}', server='localhost', database='test', trusted_connection='yes' While Microsoft recommends using Windows Authentication for better security and ease of account management either via Active Directory or the local Windows Users and Groups, there are a lot of third-party applications - even those running on a non-Microsoft Windows operating system - that require SQL Server to be configured using mixed-mode.

With this instance of the application, when you attempt to connect to the remote server using Windows Authentication (say, with a New Query window), it will *look* like it is using your local Windows credentials in the connection dialog, but in reality - behind the scenes - it is using the username you passed on the command line Login into SQL Server with SA account and password, and then create new logon name. Click Search and type user name in search box and click OK. Reason 3: Windows Administrator Account is Disabled Right click Computer and choose Manage Windows Authentication With a Different User You can open SSMS as a different user without creating a shortcut as well. You need to go to the path of ssms.exe and use the same method. The file resides in Binn folder of SQL install directory This post was most recently updated on March 9th, 2021. Every now and then you run into a situation, where you really need to run some SQL against your local development database. That database, at least in my case, is hosted on your local SQL Server Express. Connecting to a local SQL Server should be a walk in a park, right? Eh, well While using a connection string to connect to said DB is.

How to: Connect Using Windows Authentication - SQL Server

  1. To configure SQL Server for Windows integrated security: From the Windows Start menu, choose Microsoft SQL Server, and then choose Enterprise Manager. Open the node for the server and expand the node for the database you want to give users permissions for. Right-click the Users node and choose New Database User
  2. To enable SQL Server Authentication for your instance: Open SQL Server Management Studio. Connect to the SQL Server instance you would like to use for Dundas BI. Connecting to a database server (e.g., localhost
  3. Another option could be to create a local windows user on the sql server with matching credentials to your laptop account (same user/pwd) and you should be able to connect via pass through authentication. However, this is a bit of a pain to maintain what with changing passwords etc
  4. SQL Server driver version 7.4.1 (mssql-jdbc-7.4.1.jre8.jar) and newer contain the functionality for Linux servers to connect with Windows Authentication. Infogix Assure 9.4 uses SQL Server driver version 8.2, which has this functionality out-of-the-box. Assure version 9.3 and older will require extra steps to use a newer SQL Server driver.

If none of the machines involved have Active Directory authentication enabled via Kerberos, which precludes using an online-based Microsoft Account (Windows 8 and higher), you should be able to connect to SQL Server using Windows Authentication assuming you follow these points: Ensure SQL Server is configured to use TCP connections In order to access the SQL Server Connection String for Windows Authentication from Web.Config file in code behind, the very first thing you need to do is to add reference of the System.Configuration Assembly to the project in the following way. 1. Right click on the project and click Add Reference option from the Context Menu. 2

Therefore, if you have connected to SQL Server with Windows Authentication mode, you just need to change logon settings in SQL Server Management Studio. Step 1: Open SQL Server Management Studio from Start Programs Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008 SQL Server Management Studio. Choose Windows Authentication mode, and click Connect to SQL Server Windows Authentication uses AD to manage user account and passwords. The account can be part of an AD group. SQL Server uses AD to validate the account is active and then checks what permissions that account has in the SQL Server. SQL Server Authentication manages the created account and password. This information is stored in the Master Database

Connect to SQL Server using Windows Authentication with

Windows Authentication means that the users Windows is used and is added as a user within SQL. For domains the user is authenticated through Active Directory and for workgroups they are authenticated through the local users on that machine. Benefits: More secure; No more troubleshooting firewall issues due to blocked port You will have to restart the SQL Server Windows service for this setting to take effect. Open the SQL Server Configuration Manager (from previous steps) and restart the SQL Server (Instance Name) item from the SQL Server Services section. Now that Microsoft SQL Server accepts SQL authentication we can move to configuring Ignition SQL Server Authentication. When defining your connection you can either connect using windows authentication or SQL authentication as shown below. Windows Authentication. import pyodbc # Windows Authentication conn = pyodbc.connect( 'Driver={SQL Server};' 'Server=localhost\\instance;' 'Database=database;' 'Trusted_Connection=yes;'). Then, enter the information for the Server name (localhost), Authentication (SQL Server Authentication), and password for the sa user and click the Connect button to connect to the SQL Server. Note that you should use the sa user and password that you entered during the installation Since you are a local adminstrator you can use the backdoor to SQL Server instance to obtain access. Download psexec.exe (PSTools from TechNet here). Go to a command prompt and to the directory where you extracted the file (psexec.exe). Run the command psexec.exe -i -s ssms.exe or psexec.exe -i -s sqlwb.exe for SQL 2005

2. Create a saved windows credential for the SQL Server you want to connect to. For more details, please check the following similar blogs. Connect to SQL Servers in another domain using Windows Authentication Pretend You're On The Domain With Runas /NetOnly Thanks, Lydia Zhan Connect by using SQL Server authentication Navigate to File | Data Sources or press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S. In the Data Sources and Drivers dialog, click the Add icon () and select Microsoft SQL Server. Click the Driver link and select Microsoft SQL Server (jTds)

Note that these SQL server installers come with both 32 bit and 64 bit editions, make sure to choose the right one according to your Windows OS. How to Connect to Local SQL Server on Windows Computer? Run SQL Server 2014 Management Studio on your PC, you will be prompted to connect to SQL server instantly Under the Server authentication heading choose either the desired authentication: Windows Authentication or SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode. Click OK. At this point the SQL server must be restarted. To do so, right-click the server you have just modified and select Restart. If SQL Server Agent is running, it must also be restarted

How to Connect to MS SQL Server via Windows Authentication

SQLCMD -? Connect using sqlcmd utility - Windows Authentication. You can connect SQL Server in multiple ways.-- Connect SQL Default Instance using Windows Authentication SQLCMD -S SERVERNAME -E -- Connect SQL Named Instance using Windows Authentication SQLCMD -S SERVERNAME\INSTANCE -E -- Connecting Named Instance with port using Windows Authentication SQLCMD -S SERVERNAME\INSTANCE, 1919 - If you want to connect to SQL Server from Mac OS or CentOS, you can either use SQLCMD, the command line tool or Azure Data Studio. The most popular tool, SQL Server Management Studio can only be run in Windows OS. This article explains on how to connect to SQL Server using Windows authentication from CentOS via Azure Data Studio Enables the capture of SQL Server Native Client ODBC driver performance data. StatsLogFile. Full path and file name of a file used to record SQL Server Native Client ODBC driver performance statistics. Trusted_Connection. Specifies whether Windows Authentication Mode or SQL Server username or password is used for validation (Yes or No)

Connecting to MS SQL Server with Windows Authentication

i am surprise that when i connect sql server analysis service the Authentication mode disabled and i can choose sql server /password to connect SSAS Server with SQL Server Authentication mode. please guide me, is there any problem in my SQL Server configuration or SQL server does not allow this. willing for your all kind assistance JAVA - Connecting to SQL Server database using Windows Authentication or Active Directory Introduction When you are trying to establish a connection to SQL Server database using Windows authentication or Active Directory (which users were not created in database by DBA via normal/traditional ways), you might get one of these errors You can specify the connection string using one of the authentication methods: Windows Authentication or SQL Server Authentication. The connection methods differ in the two modes, so let's consider each mode separately. Connection string with SQL Server Authentication. In SSMS, connect to SQL Server as a system administrator Frist time I can able to connect local database server with windows authentication. After that If I connect to test database with use VPN connection, it's connected with windows authentication. Then again I CANNOT connect the local database with Windows authentication. I'm getting this error: Cannot connect to SQL2. Additional Information

Connect to SQL Server with PowerShell and SQL Server

Connect to SQL Servers in another domain using Windows

Hi, I had the same problem trying to connect to a SQL server by windows authentication. The best solution we found was to : - create a DSN in Windows (DSN = Data Source Name).You just have to open the ODBC Administration tool in windows and create a DSN with the data base connectio The procedures below describe how to connect to a SQL Server database and make SQL queries from Python. Download and install the appropriate pyodbc module for the installed Python release (for example, Python 2.6, 2.7) from the following URL: Make a connection to the SQL Server database using database authentication or Windows. To ensure that the connection to the data source is successful, click the Test Connection link.. macOS and Linux Connect by using SQL Server authentication. In the Database tool window (View | Tool Windows | Database), click the Data Source Properties icon .Alternatively, press ⌘I.. In the Data Sources and Drivers dialog, click the Add icon and select Microsoft SQL Server Connect to SQL Server Using Windows Integrated Authentication As a system administrator, you must establish connections with data sources to be able to pull data into the CCC database. This scenario describes how to connect to a data source on a SQL Server database that has been configured with Windows integrated authentication rather than SQL.

How to check SQL Server Authentication Mode using T SQL

SQL Server supports two types of authentication, so you will need to determine which one to use: Windows Authentication - You are automatically authenticated by logging on to your computer. SQL-Server Authentication - You will need to obtain a UserName and Password from the database administrator. 3. SQL Server Native Client 10. In SQL Developer support team, we have worked on customer issues where SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager), SCOM (System Center Operations Manager) or a 3 rd party service or application runs under Local System account and gets Windows authentication or Kerberos errors like below (or variations of these) while connecting to SQL Server To connect MS SQL Server using windows authentication, the first step is to setup ODBC. You can go to Control panel -> Administrative tools -> ODBC. Add a new DSN to connect MS SQL Server using windows authentication account following wizard setup. The second step is the similar with using SQL Server authentication. The only change is that the. There are two approaches to create SQL Server Widows Login authentications: SQL Server Management Studio and Transact SQL query. This article explains both these approaches with an example. Before we start creating new windows in SQL Server, let me show you the list of available s in our SQL Server Management Studio In this Article, I am going to teach you, how you can do a connection with a SQL Server. SQL databases has mainly two type of authentication : 1. Windows Authentication 2. SQL Server authentication. Here in this article, I will share VBA code for both type of connection - Windows authentication and SQL Server Authentication

Why Cannot Login into SQL Server with Windows

  1. Choose SQL Server Click 'New connection' Select SQL Server. A pop up will appear with options for authentication types such as Azure, SQL Server and Windows. Select SQL Server and you will be asked to enter: SQL server name SQL database name Username Password Gatewa
  2. For a SQL Server named instance just type the SQL Server instance name: Issues with Windows Authentication. When you try to connect to a remote server using the Windows Authentication you may encounter the following error
  3. Introduction. In a previous article on Connecting PowerShell to SQL Server I went over how you use various methods in PowerShell to connect to SQL Server. In those examples though I only touched on using the current user that is running PowerShell.exe. In this article I want to pick up and go over how you would use the same methods, but as a different account
  4. Connect SQL Server from Linux Client using Windows Authentication is supported. Here are the Prerequisites. 1.As Kerberos is the only one supported, the Kerberos authentication needs to work between the SQL Server and other Windows clients. Do not proceed until the Kerberos works for Windows Client. 2.The Linux servers needs to join the domain
  5. This topic describes how to connect to SQL Server Management Studio with Windows authentication through PSM. Using the SQL Server Management Studio with Windows Authentication connector with a domain account does not restrict the end user from accessing different databases and target resources in the domain with the same domain user
  6. Thanks for your help. Apologies if my question is not very clear. What I am trying to do is to connect to the remote SQL Server instance on my VPS from my local computer, using SQL Server Management Studio. I was just wondering if I would be able to connect from my local machine using Windows Authentication somehow

The SQL driver is already there and we are able to connect to other MS SQL server databases having SQL authentication. But here the MS sql server has windows authentication. Could you please let me know the odbc connection string to access this database having windows authentication and any other pre-requisite required Configure SQL Server for Mixed Mode authentication. Open SQL Server Management Studio, right-click on your instance in the object explorer and select Properties. On the Security page, select the SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode radio button and hit OK. Finish up by restarting your SQL Server instance for the setting to take effect If SQL Server cannot use Kerberos authentication, Windows will use NTLM authentication. For security reasons, we recommend that you use Kerberos authentication instead of NTLM authentication. Administrators and users should know how to make sure that they are using Kerberos authentication for remote connections

Use Windows Authentication With a - SQL Server DB

  1. This blog Python Connect to SQL Database will guide to connect Microsoft SQL Server database in Python using pyodbc package. Here we will connect the local SQL server with windows authentication and remote SQL server with user credentials. We will also discuss the connection string example to connect Azure Active Directory
  2. Opens a connection to a Microsoft SQL Server database. By default, the connection is attempted using Windows Authentication. To connect using SQL Server Authentication, include UID and PWD in the connection options array
  3. Connect to Azure SQL Server with SQL Server Authentication. Here we will make a connection to the Azure SQL Server.For this we have to pass the server details like username, password, server and port.We are going to use the same package mssql to connect Azure environment.Lets see the codes app.j
  4. In this article, I am going to show you how to use JDBC Kerberos authentication to connect to SQL Server sources in Spark (PySpark). I will use Kerberos connection with principal names and password directly that requires Microsoft JDBC Driver 6.2 or above. The sample code can run on Windows, Linux and Mac-OS platforms

How to access local MSSQL server using SQL Server

Choose the Data Source as Microsoft SQL Server; Click the Continue button. Next, you need to add the credentials to connect to the database . Choose the server name on which the SQL Server resides; Enter the user id and password to connect to the database; Choose the database as demotb; Click the 'ok' button I'm upgrading an old SQL server 2008 that was managed by a previous company. I'm trying to back up databases, but I cannot log into SQL server using Management Studio and Windows Authentication. It's trying to connect using the local administrator username/password (I can't change it for some reason) Then, click Connect. 14. If you succeed to connect to the database server, the account is successfully created. Run BioStar Server Config. 15. Choose Server Authentication and enter the ID and password. Before clicking Start, we should check if the port specified here matches the port of MS SQL Database Server. 16. Run SQL Server configuration.

How to Use Windows Authentication to Access SQL Server

We have created Azure SQL database and added AD group which allows us to connect using Azure AD authentication using SSMS. When we tried to connect from PowerBI desktop to same database using Windows authentication, it fails. Do you know how to connect PowerBI to Azure SQL using Azure AD authentication <dbSERVER> is the hostname or ip address of the SQL Server database <dbName> is the database name <domain> is the Windows domain for the User credentials <uid> is the user id . The JDBC driver does not support the integrated authentication when the driver runs on non-Windows operating systems. Reference Material: Connection Strings for SQL Server Select Use Windows Authentication, enter your Active Directory user name and password, and click Connect. Steps for Users Who Are Joined to the SQL Server Domain Using Active Directory Credential If you are signed in to the Mac as a local user and signed in to a corporate network using Active Directory credentials, you must obtain the following. Windows authentication is one of the two modes in which Microsoft SQL Server authenticates users attempting to connect to it. It bases it's authentication on Windows' own security access manager (SAM), a database of user logons maintained by the operating system Can't connect to SQL Server using Windows Authentication after upgrading to Progress DataDirect for JDBC for SQL Server 6.0 drive

How to enable SQL Server authentication Installation

Forgot to add the local administrator account to the sysadmin server role but SQL Server is configured for Windows Authentication only? If you can change SQL Server to mixed mode Authentication, it would save you having to do a reinstall. The SA account will be automatically created on every new SQL Server installation I have connected to my local database: DESKTOP-3FN63QO\SQLEXPRESS. in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio using. Windows Authentication. I have also added the following connection string to the web.config file SQL authentication method - PowerShell for SQL Server, I have a script which works fine, it goes thru a list of SQL servers stored in a text file and Currently the connection is made via windows authentication like this. In this tip, we will explore connecting to SQL Server via Windows PowerShell using mixed-mode authentication Note: Iguana may not always support the very latest version of the Microsoft SQL Server ODBC drivers, so you can simply download an earlier version if necessary. This is particularly true if you are not able to use the the latest version of Iguana. If you need to know which versions of Microsoft SQL Server are supported by the version of Iguana you are using please contact us at support.

I created released version of .NET Core application and hosted to IIS under Default WebSite. IIS and SQL Server are different machines. Application hosted smoothly using Publish features of Visual studio and it works fine as long as it doesn't require database connection. but when it tries to connects to SQL server , it gives the errors The authentication method is 'Windows Authentication' (I think SSO) --- from what I understand, this is wholly different than simply trying to add my Windows user/ password credentials into SQL server directly. Anyway. So --- first question -- do I choose MS SQL Connection, or MS SQL Connection (native)? I'm not certain the difference

Windows authentication can disable upgrades. If you use the Windows authentication mode to connect the database with the Windows user account, you cannot update the connected component (ESET PROTECT Server or MDC) using the Components Upgrade task.. We recommend that you use a dedicated database user to access the database. Make sure to set access rights for the user to access the necessary. If you have logged in to the system as the user that you want to connect to the SQL Server database (using windows auth), you can directly run the atom server. 2. If you have logged in as a different user, you can do this by, pressing shift & right click on the atom -> Run as a different use 3. SQL Server configuration. SQL Server must first be configured to allow Windows authentication. This is configured within the SQL Server administration tools. You will also need to grant the papercut_svc user full access to the PaperCut database (e.g. full access to read/updated tables and also to create and drop database tables. 4 Windows authentication can disable upgrades. If you use the Windows authentication mode to connect the database with the Windows user account, you cannot update the connected component (ESMC Server or MDC) using the Components Upgrade task. We recommend using a dedicated database user to access the database The User Instance functionality creates a new SQL Server instance on the fly during connect. This works only on a local SQL Server instance and only when connecting using windows authentication over local named pipes. The purpose is to be able to create a full rights SQL Server instance to a user with limited administrative rights on the computer

SQL Server authentication methods, s, and database users. To connect to SQL Server, a person or process needs to authenticate. There are two different methods to authenticate to SQL Server: Windows and SQL Server. Windows is the more secure and recommended method for connecting to SQL Server A Windows 10, Mac OS, or Linux laptop or desktop with PowerShell, Visual Studio Code and SQL Server Management Studio installed. The screenshots are all from Windows 10. There are dozens of different ways to connect to Azure SQL , and unfortunately I can't go over them all, but the ones I will be covering in this post are 12. SQL Server can operate in one of two security (authentication) modes: (a) Windows Authentication mode which allowed a user to connect through an operating system user account. or (b) Mixed Mode which allowed users to connect to an instance of SQL Server using either Windows Authentication or SQL Server Authentication. 13

Connecting to an SQL Server from a non-domain p

When a SQL Agent job executes a SSIS package then by default it uses the credentials of SQL Server Agent Service Account. The service account is selected during the initial installation and configuration of SQL Server. By default the usual suspects are the local system account (NT AUTHORITY\System) or the local network service account (NT AUTHORITY\NetworkService) If you want to through 'SQL Server Authentication', then enable it by following the steps: Go to the Properties of the selected server (from the right-click menu). Now go to the Security page and under Server authentication choose the option SQL Server and Window Authentication mode If you are connecting to a local instance, this will likely be Server=(local). However, it's also possible your local instance could have a different name (e.g. (local)\SQLEXPRESS or (local)\MSSQLSERVER). Second, ensure that the instance of SQL server has not stopped. You can do this by accessing the Services list in Windows SQL-Server. database, + I have a connection string for Entity framework with sql authentication Ha ha ha, I forgot to add the windows authentication attribute [__b__]Trusted_Connection=Yes; or Integrated Security=SSPI; to my connection string, sometimes I let the stress to win : how to connect Entity Framework in wpf. Issue on entity.

Reason: Attempting to use an NT account name with SQL Server Authentication. [CLIENT: x.x.x.x]. So the JDBC driver does not see the domain\username as a Windows account but as a SQL account. It does work when i use a SQL account, but this is not a preferred solution as it would require me to create SQL accounts for all SQL instances Go to windows start and search for Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, and you should be able to find it, once you open it the UI should look similar to one shown below: It will show you a connect to server option with multiple parameters like Server Type, Server Name, Authentication, etc. Click on server name and select browse for more in.

1. windows Authentication. 2. SQL server Authentication. for example: If I use SQL Server Authentication are now I have to provide the Id and password to connect the SQL server whereas if I use windows Authentication I don't have to provide them SQL Server Does not Exist. If i will use other domain i cannot connect to the MS SQL Server but if i am using the same domain i was able to connect to the MS SQL. Another domain is okay i can ping and i can remote also share drive ok also only the application cannot To give a domain user access to the SQL Server instance, follow these steps: Connect to your instance using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) as a local administrator.; Open SSMS. For Authentication, choose Windows Authentication to log in with the built-in local administrator.; Choose Connect.; In Object Explorer, expand Security.; Open the context (right-click) menu for Logins, and then select. Fact: Connecting to the SQL Server on the domain from a PC on a workgroup will not work with Named Pipes. Fact: SQL Server 2012 installs with TCP/IP disabled by default. Alter the domain SQL Server configuration to enable TCP/IP. Add exceptions to the domain SQL Server firewall to allow SQL Server connections When you connect to a SQL Server database, you can choose either Windows Authentication or SQL Server Authentication for the Authentication option. Connecting to SQL Server as a source Use the following procedure to connect to your Microsoft SQL Server source database with the AWS Schema Conversion Tool

Windows authentication - in this case, SQL Server does not prompt a user for credentials, but instead it uses an access token assigned at the time the user logged on using a Windows account. This can be a token generated by the Windows operating system on which SQL Server was installed (in case of a local user account) or by a Windows NT 4.0 or. For more information see SQL Server Books Online. [Microsoft][ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server]Login timeout expired QODBC3: Unable to connect When I change the driver to SQL Server I get this error: Failed to connect to database. [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][DBNETLIB]SQL Server does not exist or access denied To see the properties specific to SQL server, visit Setting the Connection Properties. NOTE: SQL Server has two authentication modes: Windows authentication: using current Windows user account to log on SQL Server. This mode is for the case both the client and the SQL server are running on the same machine (2) Enable SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode. On the left panel of Management Studio, right-click the server and choose Properties. Choose Security and change Server authentication to SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode. (3) Restart SQL Server. For the change to be effective, you need to restart SQL server from SQL Server Manager

A Tableau Data Connection to a SQL Server relational database can be made by using either Windows Authentication or SQL Server Authentication. After creating the Data Connection, the Data Source can be published to Tableau Server. While publishing, the Data Source can be configured to use a specific Authentication. Here is a list ofchoices If target SQL Server Host and source Windows client Host are in the same Active Directory domain, it's possbile to connect to Database with Windows authentication from source remote client Host if you logon with domain user

Using Windows Authentication to connect to SQL Server from

As I said, now we have to connect using WIndows authentication mode. SQL Server and SAS Server are in the same domain and my ID has been added to the domain and the privilege's for my ID has been provided in the SQL server. I have configured the odbc.ini file as 'trusted connection = yes' . But still I'm not able to connect to the SQL server To make security stronger, the companies use a Windows account to connect to SQL Server. This makes thing little interesting. If one has to connect to SQL Server from the laptop where the DBA has logged in with regular account, he/she has to do Right Click with Shift key pressed and then use Run as Different user to use the admin.

How to set up a SQL Server 2008 Local Database

Connect to SQL Server using windows authentication from

The above setup really boils down to 5 steps. If you want to use windows authentication from windows containers on docker to a SQL Server instance (or a cluster you have to. Create gMSAs for your services; Create s for the service accounts on the SQL Server; Install gMSAs on the docker hosts; Create credential spec file SQL Server Authentication mode can be changed by using GUI. You have to click on Server and then go to Properties and then Security. From there you can change the SQL Server Authentication mode to. Windows Authentication mode; SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode( Mixed Mode The next steps describe how to configure the Ivanti Workspace Control Designated account to connect to the Datastore on a Microsoft SQL Server using Windows Authentication and the requirement to be able to use this with access to the Console Launch the New Connection Wizard. If this is the first time you've launched DBeaver, you'll probably be prompted with the Create new connection dialog.. Expand the SQL Server node, select jTDS driver, and click Next >.. For this tutorial I selected jTDS driver, but by all means select another driver if you prefer.. If the Create new connection wizard doesn't automatically appear when you open.

Create a SQL Server Linked Server to Azure SQL DatabaseHow to import/export data to SQL Server using the SQLEnable Remote Connection on SQL Server 2008 Express
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