How often should you replace pistol magazines

If you follow these guidelines, you might need a new magazine once or twice a decade. If that, depending on how good the magazines your gun came with are. If you're a regular shooter and carrier, meaning you shoot once or twice per month and carry daily, then regular magazine replacement is more in order There are benefits to unloading your magazines, such as cleaning. If you carry the same magazine with the same rounds on a daily basis, dirt and debris will naturally start to build up. Every once in a while, it is recommended to unload and give everything a nice cleaning. This includes the rounds that are in the magazine Take your strategic magazine to the range for a change, and put a different pre-loaded magazine in its place. How often this should be done depends on who you ask. Some say as often as two weeks, others as much as six months. The average answer falls around every ninety days Some ammunition manufacturers recommend rotating service-related ammunition as little as every six months. By following that guide line, magazines would remain fully loaded a maximum of six months..

How Often Should I Replace My Gun Magazines? Gun Belts Blo

  1. If you answer yes to these questions, you're doing it right. The same should hold true for your magazines and their springs. Let's say you have two magazines for your concealed carry firearm. If you bring one of those magazines to the range on a regular basis, but not the other, it may be time to add both magazines into the mix
  2. I've heard that rotating the mags you keep loaded doesn't need to be done more often than once every 6 to 8 months. However I was told it is best to rotate the ammunition loading order in the mag as constant pressure pushing the top round against the magazine feed lips can eventually cause some deformity to the case
  3. For pistols that I use often, like my 9x19 1911s, I have around 25 magazines. I use ten or so at a time which allows the others to be serviced (cleaned, springs replaced, lubricated) on a regular basis
  4. imum of six magazines. Honestly, I debated saying 12, given the two is one principle (you're going to lose one or two..

How Often Should You Unload The Magazine Of Your Concealed

  1. How Often Should You Unload Your Pistol? So even though it's not necessary to unload your gun, you should still inspect your gun and take it out shooting monthly if you can, but at least every six months. You don't have to do this for every gun you own, but you should do this with any gun around your house that you use for defensive.
  2. With modern, decent quality magazines you shouldn't have to replace a spring every year. That's just wasteful and pointless. With some older or cheaper springs they can loose their power if they are left fully loaded for long periods of time, but that's not an issue with newer mags
  3. Personally, I rotate magazines every 15 to 30 days. More if I've been shooting more. They say that loading and unloading is what causes wear in a magazine, but I feel better rotating my magazines. I also believe it's best to leave magazines stored uncompressed
  4. So, How often should you rotate everyday carry ammo? Any round in the chamber should be rotated quarterly, while magazine ammo should be done at least annually. I also recommend you rotate ammo in your revolver quarterly, because of the increased exposure of the rounds. This ammo can be converted from EDC to range ammunition
  5. Those for carry get tested every so often and cleaned thoroughly after each use. The range magazines get used a lot more often but get cleaned less often because reliability is less important at the range than for carry. Even so, I figure I clean the range mags every fourth or fifth range trip

Give them a once-over occasionally, clean them when they're dirty, replace parts as they break or wear and replace the entire thing if necessary. Magazines play a critical role in your gun's reliability, but are ultimately are expendable. Be sure yours work well That's a great question. A gunsmith at Beretta (who claimed not to be speaking on behalf of the company) told us he rotates his personal carry magazines every two weeks. The customer service rep we spoke to from Sig said that once every six months would be sufficient That said, remember that replacement springs and followers are inexpensive, easy to replace and help ensure that your mags continue to perform smoothly. The main point in all of this is, take care of your magazines and your magazines will take care of you. Your semi-automatic pistol won't function properly if your mags don't function. A critical, but often overlooked, component A lot of shooters fuss over getting every nook and cranny of their pistols sparkling clean, but they ignore the magazines entirely. That's like washing and waxing the car every week, but ignoring the required oil change. Magazines tend to accumulate a lot of dirt, carbon fouling and other debris I understand what you are getting at and I should have added more info. I'm using 10 round Chip McCormick mags. Also, I have 10 HK USP 45 magazines which use Wolff springs. Granted, the USP doesn't get shot quite as often, but the magazines sit fully loaded and have functioned fine for approx 5 years. Not only have I seen them work just fine..

I demonstrate how to easily disassemble, clean and reassemble most semi-automatic pistol magazines. Not all magazines are done this way, but a vast majority.. You can now leave modern magazines fully loaded for a very long time without worrying about them taking a set. If you are still concerned with this happening, then simply rotate your magazines..

We've been asked how often should someone cycle out the ammunition in his concealed carry pistol magazines. The short answer is - arguably never. Unless that ammunition is exposed to abnormal conditions, it should be fine I reached out to several big-name ammunition manufacturers while conducting research for this article, and the only specific guidance I got was this: you should rotate your duty ammunition every six months. I think this is a great guideline, but it's still only a guideline

Storing Loaded Magazines: What You Should Know

For rounds in the magazine carried in the gun or spare magazines carried every day, rotate that ammunition annually or after about 12 months of carry. All of this rotated out ammo should find a home in a box or bag in your range bag. Test fire the rounds to ensure they fire and function Few expensive models use larger cartridges which makes the gun owner go longer without having to change the cartridges very often. You can read more about CO2 and how a CO2 gun works. What You Need to Know About CO2 Cartridges The CO2 cartridges have liquid CO2 in them You − as an average armed civilian − will probably never find yourself in the situation to deplete an entire magazine and need another in a life-threatening shooting situation, particularly if you carry a high-capacity firearm.A magazine holding fifteen or more rounds should be more then enough to ensure effectiveness in self-defense situations, at least according to statistics: all.

Don't make the mistake of neglecting the magazine and having it fail when you need it. A few minutes is all it takes to keep it working as reliably as the weapon itself. New Magazines - After reviewing your current magazines, you may decide that the best course of action is to replace the magazines. Brownells carries a lot of magazines for. At any rate, if you are practicing the way you should, you'll go through magazines. It is just a fact of life. Even daily carry of magazines and dry fire practice will eventually shore up enough wear and tear that your mag quits on you. This is reason numero uno why we need spares And so should you. I let them hit the dirt. If they get in the way, I kick them aside. I'm not one to baby a magazine. And if one gets righteously dirty, I'm not sticking it back in the gun. I grab another and keep going. 4. Mags walk off. I've got magazines that don't belong to me. And I'm missing some, too. Best to have a spare or ten But all those answers generally average out to a rough timeframe: A few weeks to a few months. Most police departments cycle their magazines every 90 days. This is also what we recommend for magazine storage. Why you should rotate your magazines How often should I Change My Magazine Spring?2nd YT Channel: www.youtube.com/c/jarheadsixAdd me to your circles: https://plus.google.com/+Jarhead6VideosJoin.

How Long Can You Keep Your Magazines Loaded

In many older pistol designs, maximum capacity was not the always the goal such as with the 7 round 1911 Colt magazines will last for years fully loaded. There was room for more spring material in these guns which reduces overall stress and increases the usable life of the spring. More recently higher capacity magazine have become popular On my last qualification before retirement, the magazines were still quite difficult to load the last 3-4 rounds. They worked as new. FWIW, my first duty gun was a Smith 4506. After 10 years, the magazines were noticeably weaker. They still functioned, but had my dept not retired the 45s, I would expect to replace them soon

For a majority of major manufacturers, they are at least designed for component replacement and nearly all are designed to last well into the 70,000 round range. What this means is that if you encounter a failure at any stage in the process, that doesn't necessarily mean you need to get rid of the gun Think of it like an oil change, you should do those every 3,000 to 5,000 miles depending on your car, the type of oil used, and the recommended schedule. Preventative Maintenance Level 2: The Glock preventative maintenance part replacement schedule. Just like your car, the Glock pistol has a preventative maintenance part replacement schedule Springs that become rusty, bent or otherwise damaged should always be replaced. Again, changes you observe in your firearm's performance are the best indicators that a change is needed. 5. How often should I change magazine spring? Should I unload my magazines, rotate magazines, load with fewer than the maximum rounds AR Magazines should be routinely examined for wear or damage. One common test is to half-load a magazine (15 rounds in 30-round magazine, for example) and smack the base on a hard surface to see if a round pops out to determine if the feed lips are spread and/or the magazine spring is weak

Will Your Magazine Spring Weaken If Kept Loaded For Long

They even let you filter their offerings by what's on sale today. With more than 450 products in the magazine category alone, you'll have hours of happy browsing with all the top brands. Sportsman's guide also has a breezy returns process and a 90-day return policy, for all you procrastinators out there. Best Magazines for AR-15, Glock. While there's no exact round count for when you should replace it, many shooters use 3,000 to 5,000 rounds as a general guideline. Over time, the recoil spring loses its spring and that can lead to cycling issues The truth is this; If you are running a modern firearm, keeping your magazines full will not hurt them in the long run. A well-manufactured spring in your magazine is designed to hold the load of rounds for long periods of time and should not weaken the spring to the point of being useless If an officer's only method of safe home storage is to unload the weapon, the Firearms Training Unit suggests that you unload an entire magazine and rotate those rounds. In addition, you should also rotate through all three duty magazines, so that all 46 duty rounds are cycles, not just a few rounds. Which is all pretty good advice The old adage was to change out loaded magazines a minimum of twice a year to prevent magazine springs from taking a set and having less compression to be able to feed reliably. most mags have newer technology today, better spring metal, moly or teflon coated coatings to increase feed reliability

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  1. Your pistol fails to feed new rounds after recoil, and you've ruled out bad magazines as the cause. If that doesn't work for you, replace your recoil spring on every X rounds fired, where X depends on the pistol's use
  2. or scratches within the bore.There are not visible unless you use a bore light.(Due to cleaning rod) And one small dent in the groove near the chamber area
  3. If you can't or haven't resolved the threat after one magazine I just doubt 3 or 4 or even 6 more are going to help you. A revolver with 6 shots. So far in 35 yrs and 20 something US states, I've witnessed a whopping zero gun fights
  4. So how often should you replace your springs in a Glock for EDC? I havn't shot them that much, just constant 24/7 365 loaded with 13 rounds(I took 2 out so it doesn't compress all the way) I got less than 600 rounds down the gun and using 4 magazines
  5. utes every day or a least a few evenings a week to do a little dry practice—always away from the distraction of work or family—you'll see a significant improvement in your shooting very soon

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  1. A magazine, sometimes called mag for short, is a device that holds and feeds bullets to a firearm. While magazines are sometimes called clips, this is technically an incorrect term
  2. Once the cartridges come out dry that next day, I would recommend rotating them out every three to six months. Replace them with the brand and style of ammunition proven to run reliably in your handgun. Have you seen the price of defensive ammo? you ask, incredulously. To which, I reply, How much is your life worth
  3. Self-loading pistols should have their recoil spring changed every 3,000 to 5,000 rounds in the case of the 1911.45 at a similar event with the Glock, SIG, Beretta, and other quality self-loaders. We all know of handguns that have been going since World War II without changing the springs, but this simply isn't optimal performance

How often should the rifle barrel be cleaned? A:. The rifle should be cleaned as often as needed to maintain proper performance. Q:. How wide are the bases used on Gamo rifles? A:. 3/8 inches or 11 mm. Q:. I have lost my fiber optic front sight. Can you replace it? A:. Yes .17 HMR Frequently Asked Questions. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about our .17 HMR upper receivers and rifles.If you have a question that is not answered here, feel free to ask us and we will respond to you as soon as possible Some recoil springs in compact pistols, especially where dual springs are used or are replaced by a single spring may require changing after 500 - 1500 rounds. Springs that become rusty, bent or otherwise damaged should always be replaced. Again, changes you observe in your firearm's performance are the best indicators that a change is needed. 5 Many gun control advocates, including Vice President Joe Biden are arguing for so-called high-capacity magazine bans that would restrict the number of bullets held in a single magazine to 10. If you have some questions about the correct spring weight for your 1911, you can read this in-depth article on 1911 Auto Recoil Spring Compression Weights by Dave Koebensky of W. C. Wolff Company & Brownells GunTechs. Here is a recoil spring replacement guide to help you know how often to replace the recoil and other springs in your 1911 pistol

How often should you replace your carry ammo? Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Ben86, Jul 9, 2011. I am considering this with pistol ammo in mind. I kept my last bunch of gold dot 9mm in use for about 2 years. I rotate magazines every two weeks as part of my maintenance of the firearm in question as well 9) Have at least 4 Mags Per Gun, since they are easily damaged, are perishable, and will not last forever; your purpose and use for the gun influence the number of mags you should own. (Don't. The ammunition will last for years but you should unload and disassemble the magazines several times a year if your in a dusty environment. The same with the pistol, keep it clean, dry and cool. Source(s): 20 years L.E., Police Armorer, Master Firearms Instructor and FFL Deale

1. Unload ammunition from the magazine 2. Carefully remove floorplate and insert from magazine (if you need instructions on how to do this, let me know) 3. Allow the magazine spring to fully extend 4. When the follower and spring are fully seated in the magazine, the bottom of the spring should extend out at least 1 from the bottom 5 How often should you unload your concealed carry firearm magazine? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 11 of 11 Posts. G. GoesBang · Registered. Joined Jan 1, 2014 · 558 Posts . Discussion Starter • #1 • Sep 11, 2014.

I usually change them at about 10,000 rounds, just for peace of mind. Virtually all of my shooting is done with IPSC major loads and an eight pound spring in the .40 comp gun, a ten pound spring in the bull barreled .40 limited gun, and a twelve pound spring in the .45 long slide. PS I believe it is more important to change the main spring In the 1911 once or so every 40-50 years. In the double stack glock whenever you want. In my double stacks i change it out every month or so, but lately I've just been down loading my pistol. The..

No matter how you store your shotgun, it's a good idea to replace the magazine spring on a regular basis, just like changing the oil in your car. (l.) This old Mossberg 500 was due for a tune-up I'm often asked how often a pistol should be cleaned. In a perfect world cleaning takes place after each use. This should be mandatory if you are counting on that pistol for protection as an.

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But what specific gun regulations might change the outcomes, if not the frequency, of mass shootings? William Brangham talks to David Chipman of Giffords about the danger of high-capacity magazines How often should you clean your firearms? that old toothbrush that you needed to replace (you get a new one every dental visit anyway) Do not put oil inside your magazines. If you must use lube, use a dry lubricant. For revolvers, hit the chamber, cylinder, and barrel. In general, try to clean in the same direction the bullet travels The first thing to look at is the magazine, especially if it's a low-cost, used G.I. magazine that you often run across at gun shows. Any used magazine should be completely disassembled and thoroughly cleaned. Brownells offers a shaped nylon brush specifically designed to remove dirt and crud from the inside of the magazine tube. Most magazines. All Tested Gun Cleaning Kits. Now that you have your tools, find a decent place to work - a counter, table, or workbench all work great. Ensure any and all ammunition is removed from the area before you start cleaning your firearm!. I like to lay down a towel or neoprene mat to soak up any spilled solvents and to catch the carbon, copper, and gunk that is cleaned from the weapon

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Very good video on magazine rotation. I wish you would have had this video back in 2014. I used to carry 3 automatics for self-defense. Back in the summer of 2016, I went out to the farm for target practice. 2 of the 3 automatics failed to feed by Bob Londrigan, published in Front Sight Magazine, May 2007. Now that you've received that new gun you have been waiting for so long, you just want to go out and shoot it. You can and you should shoot that new gun first chance you get. However, when you do, follow a program that will ensure the gun is properly broken in If you own an SR9® pistol bearing a serial number below 30000 (that is, 330-29999 or less), you own an original SR9® pistol that was affected by the product safety recall issued in April, 2008. If you purchased a used SR9® that falls within this serial number range, it is easy to tell if it has already been retrofitted simply by looking at it To properly register a found pistol, the firearm should be turned over to a licensed gun dealer in New Jersey and you must obtain a Pistol Purchase Permit (See #2) which will be utilized to register the pistol in the state. Are airsofts firearms? No. They are considered to be toys in New Jersey There's a little lever on the side of most semi-automatic handguns. It's called the slide stop. It's there for a reason. When you've fired the last round in your pistol's magazine, the magazine's follower pushes up against the slide stop and causes it to catch in a recess in the pistol's slide

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If you wish to use a muzzleloading pistol for deer hunting, we only recommend our Vortek break-open pistol or Buckhunter Pro In Line Pistol. Always check your local game laws for compliance. Some states may require a special permit to hunt with a handgun and other states don't allow hand guns for hunting If you are looking to color-fill your own gun then we would recommend using this method. How to color-fill a pistol the right way. Read More. Get the latest Outdoor News, Stories, and Reviews. Whenever I replace the CO2 cartridge in one of my guns I always put a drop of oil on the very tip of the cartridge. When I looked down the air chamber of one of my guns today I noticed that the o-ring surrounds the area where the tip is inserted. Should I put a drop of oil on the CO2 cartridge neck also? What method do you use

Get the best you can. Wilson-Rogers mags have an excellent reputation, and some people swear by Chip McCormick's Power Mags. Either should serve you well. Be sure to test-fit the mag in your particular gun before you buy it. It should lock the slide back when empty, and drop free of the gun when you hit the magazine release button At the end of the day, you should purge the gun, pump, and hose to prevent moisture from settling in the powder and clogging things up for the next use. Depending on the volume of powder sprayed and time between color changes, deep cleaning and worn part replacement should be reviewed weekly pistol you purchased, it is certainly a firearm you can be proud to own. With a reasonable amount of care, your Buck Mark pistol should give you many years of dependable, enjoyable service. Specifications within this owner's manual are correct at the time of printing and subject to change without notice No, failure to extract and eject, especially on the last round, is typically a problem with the pistol's extractor. A 1911 pistol with a loose extractor will drag the last empty case across the magazine lips on the way out of the pistol, potentially ruining the magazine in the process. This usually results in a failure to eject the last round

42. Not Training Often Enough. How often should you be training? More. Click here for our best article we found about how often to train. 43. Not Staying In Tune With Legal Changes. The laws change a lot. Are you up to date with the latest changes? Stay close to the news, your gun club, and your instructor for updates If you follow the guidelines below, no matter what lube you use, you will get a significant boost in reliability. Our lubricants specifically will provide at least 2500 rounds of flawless shooting on one application, as long as your mags and ammo are good - even if it takes you 3 years to get to that count with your 1911.The lube will stay put, stay wet, and stay reliable the entire time

How often do you rotate magazines? Handguns and

Mark slides and a newer pistol with a magazine disconnect. The innards are pretty much the same otherwise. Remove the barrel/rib assembly. All you need to do is make sure the gun is empty and lock the slide back, remove the mag, remove the rearmost screw of the rear sight (or rib if so equipped). Note the locations of the washers Humping 22 / 20 round mags w/19 rds in each is why an AR in 5.56 is acceptable in combat! And, on a 5 or 6 day 'search and destroy' operation when also carrying 4 frags, 2 smoke, a claymore, a.

How Often Should You Rotate Ammo? - Because Your Life Is

The 22/45 version uses a different magazine than the standard model (pictured right). Ruger Mark III magazines will not work in the Mark IV. The base plate on the Mark III magazines is not compatible with the Mark IV's grips. There may be a way to change out the base plate on the Mark III magazines, however I am not aware of it if there is Place pistol in a uncluttered area. Remove the magazine and ensure that the chamber is empty. Step #2 : Re-blue the extractor after filing and replace it in the bolt. Step #6. Retest the newly tightened extractor hook by the round placement method You can restock your ammo supply today through our online store. Ammunition Store offers a large selection of bulk ammo , 50 BMG ammo , pistol ammo , rifle ammo , rimfire ammo , and more. Be sure to also choose from a variety of ammo cans & containers to properly store your ammo supply This is the slow destruction of your thumb through consistent reloading of magazines. While not noticeable in short sessions, high round count classes can be miserable. S&W's answer is the inclusion of a thumb stud on the side of the M&P 9 Shield EZ magazines. This is the first time I have seen this on a centerfire gun and it is a welcomed. Most of the things I mentioned are easy to check. Even headspace problems are heralded by a thickened rim, but you can't check everything. A dirty or damaged firing pin spring in a rifle may be hard for the end user to access, so get a pro to check it. If I get a misfire in a rimfire gun, I check the gun first

Integrated Systems Management Inc., Gunsprings made in the U.S.A. World Class Springs for World Class Shooters. ISMI premium springs are manufactured exclusively with certified aerospace specification alloys; stainless or chrome silicon. Then our springs are heat treated, shot peened and stress relieved after winding to enhance performance and durability Clean the gun well with one of the more newly formulated enzymatic gun cleaners focus first on preparing metal surfaces properly for the follow-on work — the lubricating and protecting part. Gun cleaners like MIL-COMM's MC25 and more aggressive MC50 out-clean any CLP type formulation All of our PCP guns that have a Magazine have an internal O-ring in the barrel; care must be taken to not damage this 0-ring. We suggest using only a pull though type and start at the muzzle end. Only use a dry patch. What not to use: Do not use any firearms gun cleaning solvents. Do not use silicone oil Sure, factory headstamps can be deciphered and should be verified before you load a firearm or magazine, but keeping rounds in their original boxes helps keep you ahead of the curve But like a car you use regularly, the gun needs some servicing and attention from time to time. In common with any spring air rifle, the seals and springs wear out and will need to be replaced. 10 questions about air rifles - and 10 answer Once you have determined that the shotgun is not loaded, close the bolt and with the gun cocked and the safety on, push out the two pins that retain the trigger assembly. The Model 1000 trigger assembly is more sensitive to foreign matter than most. This is especially true of target guns that use lower-pressure (often reloaded) ammunition

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