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  1. The Honored Citizen Hop card with photo ID is a reduced fare for low-income riders, seniors, Medicare beneficiaries and riders with a mental or physical disability
  2. Honored Citizen riders pay half the price of an Adult 2½-Hour Ticket and less than one-third the price of an Adult 1-Month Pass. Foil-stamped paper tickets and tickets purchased through the TriMet Tickets App are no longer accepted as valid fare. Hop Fastpass is your new ticket to ride buses, MAX Light Rail and WES Commuter Rail
  3. To use an Honored Citizen fare, a person must present one of the following when asked by TriMet personnel: Photo ID showing proof of age 65 or older, a red, white and blue Medicare card with photo ID, or a TriMet Honored Citizen Photo Identification Card—issued after completing this form
  4. In September 2012, TriMet and Portland Streetcar discontinued the free-ride zone in Downtown Portland. The Honored Citizen Downtown Portland Pass was created to help ensure that senior citizens and people with disabilities could continue taking transit and access essential services such as medical care, social services and shopping

Bring your application receipt from Step 2 to the TriMet Ticket Office at Pioneer Courthouse Square. We'll take your photo and give you your personalized Honored Citizen Hop card on the spot. You're ready to ride at a reduced fare! Load money on your card at the grocery store, over the phone, on our website or using our smartphone app Hop Fastpass Transit Fare Card for TriMet, C-TRAN and Portland Streetcar. Hop fares. Hop works on TriMet, C-TRAN and Portland Streetcar. After you tap your Hop card or phone on a Hop reader, you can transfer to any service of the same or lower price, free of charge, within 2½ hours. If you transfer to a higher-priced service, you'll be charged the difference Your Hop card on iPhone ® and Apple Watch ® makes it even easier to get around on TriMet, C-TRAN and Portland Streetcar. You can quickly pay for transit and enjoy all the benefits of Hop — such as earning passes as you ride — without having to carry a card. Available for Adult, Honored Citizen and Youth

You can get an Honored Citizen or Youth Hop card at any of our Hop retail locations, either at Customer Service or on the gift card rack. Or, add a virtual Hop card to Google Pay on your Android phone using the Hop app. It works the same as before: Honored Citizen fares are for seniors age 65+ or on Medicare, and riders with a disability How Hop Works What happened to the TriMet Tickets App? Do I have to get a Hop card? Should I register my Hop card? Are there Hop cards for Honored Citizens and Youth? Are there fees or service charges? What if I get a pass from work or school? When will they switch to Hop? Is my financial information secure Qualified participants will receive a personalized Honored Citizen Hop card in the mail within five to ten days. Those who cannot provide a photo online will need to go to the TriMet Ticket Office in Downtown Portland, to pick up their card • Earn passes as you ride: If you ride TriMet, you won't pay more than $5 (Adult) or $2.50 (Honored Citizen/Youth) in a day, or more than $100 (Adult) or $28 (Honored Citizen/Youth) in a calendar..

Get And Sign Trimet Honored Citizen Application 2014-2021 Form Making this application for an Honored Citizen ID Card. Requires photo taken by TriMet Tap With a Virtual Hop Card . Best for frequent riders. Use Adult, Honored Citizen and Youth fares; Earn a day pass after spending $5 (Adult) or $2.50 (Honored Citizen/Youth) in a day; Earn a month pass after spending $100 (Adult) or $28 (Honored Citizen/Youth) in a calendar month; Requires the Hop app and a one-time $3 card fee; Get the App.

Honored Citizen To be eligible for TriMet's Honored Citizen fare, you must be 65+ years old OR on Medicare OR have a verifiable mental or physical disability. Check eligibility and enroll 2) Load $10 on Your Honored Citizen Hop card TriMet's efforts to put reduced fares in the hands of riders on a low-income reached another milestone this week as the number of qualified applicants topped 10,000. Residents within TriMet's service district who earn up to double the federal poverty level may qualify for our Honored Citizen reduced fare

TriMet Honored Citizen Fare

Once you've paid the equivalent of a month pass in a calendar month — typically $100 for TriMet Adult riders or $28 for Youth and Honored Citizens — the rest of your rides are free until the next month. That means you'll never pay more than the price of a day pass in one day, or the price of a month pass in one month TriMet Honored Citizen Bus Passes. Current Reed students, faculty, and staff who qualify for and register for an Honored Citizen bus pass (Hop Card) can have the $28 monthly pass fully subsidized by Reed. The personalized Hop card lets you ride busses, MAX, WES, Portland Streetcar and C-TRAN. Learn more about the honored citizen hop card here TriMet is expanding its Honored Citizen program, offering adult riders a new opportunity to reduce their transportation costs. Individuals who qualify for Honored Citizen fare pay half the cost of a single ride or day pass and receive a 72 percent discount off month passes Once approved, applicants receive a receipt to present at the TriMet Ticket Office in Downtown Portland, where they get a personalized Hop Fastpass™ Honored Citizen ID card. Funds can be loaded to the card at the ticket office, by calling 1-844-MYHOPCARD, at myhopcard.com or at more than 400 retail locations Hop Fastpass is a contactless smart card for public transit fare payment on most transit modes in the Portland, Oregon, metropolitan area including MAX Light Rail, WES commuter rail, Portland Streetcar, The Vine, and all TriMet and C-TRAN buses. An initial release to the general public began on July 5, 2017, with the official launch on July 17. The program is managed by TriMet

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  1. TriMet will add an A — for attendant — to your Honored Citizen Hop card. This allows your attendant to travel with you free of charge. If you have an Honored Citizen A Hop card, TriMet does not require fare for an attendant traveling with you. Do you have an Honored Citizen Hop card without an A bu
  2. C-TRAN Honored Citizen fares, paid with Hop, let you ride Local and Regional services at no additional charge once you've reached the daily maximum of $2.50 or monthly maximum of $28. If you transfer to C-TRAN Express, C-VAN paratransit or TriMet LIFT using an Honored Citizen fare, you'll be charged the price difference for a single fare
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  4. Hop tickets must be tapped on the green Hop reader before boarding, including when you transfer to a different train or bus. You can choose Adult, Honored Citizen or Youth fares. Most machines accept either cash or credit/debit cards. Learn more about using TriMet ticket machine
  5. TriMet spokesperson Tia York described the HOP card as like a gift card. After spending a set amount of money (for an Honored Citizen that's $28), the rest of that month's rides are free
  6. A virtual Hop card lets you pay Youth and Honored Citizen fares with your phone in addition to Adult fares, and you can earn both day and month passes as you ride — so it's ideal for frequent riders and it can save you money. With a virtual card, anyone with a smartphone can get all the benefits of Hop without having to carry another card

Officials will take unvalidated, foil-stamped adult, youth or honored citizen paper tickets from riders in exchange for a Hop card loaded with the same value. Users can exchange up to $250 worth. Hop Fastpass Transit Fare Card for TriMet, C-TRAN and Portland Streetcar. Created with Sketch. Down Arrow Icon. Up Arrow Icon. Card Icon. Chart Icon. Down Chevron Icon. Previous Card. Next Card. Clock Icon. Close Icon. Info Icon. Magnifying Glass Icon. Plus Icon. more. Menu. Pay by Phone or Get a card. Honored Citizen. Low income, 65+, Medicare or disability. $1.25 Ride for 2½ Hours Hop card giveaways, surveys, contests, events and more. Blog. LIFT service covers all locations that are within three-quarters of a mile of TriMet's bus, MAX Light Rail, and also within the TriMet service area.. The Hop card charges riders and keeps track of their fares—Hop card users never pay more than a day pass in a day or month pass in a month ($100 per month). A monthly pass is also valid on the Aerial Tram. The Honored Citizen Hop card gives reduced fare to low-income riders, seniors and riders with disabilities

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If you use Honored Citizen or Youth fares, you'll need to get an actual Hop card. The other catch is that you won't be able to earn a month pass this way — if you're a daily rider, a physical card is the way to go. So next time you ride, skip the app and try tapping your phone — you've just found a better way to pay Instead, people receive a personalized Honored Citizen Hop pass, which reduces fare by at least 50 percent. What you pay For those that qualify, a single two-and-a-half hour bus fare costs $1.25 (instead of $2.50), an all-day pass costs $2.50 (instead of $5), and after spending $28 within a calendar month, the rest of the rides are free ‎The virtual Hop card for Apple Pay is here! - Add a Hop card to your Wallet app - Pay your fare instantly with your iPhone or Apple Watch - Save money by earning month passes as you ride - Available for Adult, Honored Citizens and Youth With Hop Fastpass, paying your fare on TriMet, C-TRAN and P

Hop Fastpass Transit Fare Card for TriMet, C-TRAN and

Groups of 15 or more are eligible for discounted fare via a prepaid Class Pass — otherwise, your group can pay with personal Hop cards or regular TriMet tickets on the day of the trip Field trips are scheduled during off-peak hours (weekdays between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m., or after 6 p.m.) — get your request in early in order to book your. Provide TriMet LIF program materials to interested clients (materials provided by TriMet) Existing LIF enrollment partners must offer enrollment into the TriMet income based Honored Citizen program when applicable. Award amount. Grants are awarded by Ride Connection. Award amount will vary, but generally will not exceed $20,000 But Hop lets you save money by earning a day or month pass as you ride, so you never pay more than you have to, and you don't have to commit to buying a pass in advance. Hop also offers lost-card protection when you register, which safeguards your balance in case of loss or theft

If you qualify — either though income, age or disability — for our Honored Citizen fare and successfully sign up and load $10 on your personalized Honored Citizen Hop card within 90 days, your fine will be waived upon verification by TriMet. Specific instructions will be provided with your citation TriMet Fare Sales. PSU Transportation & Parking Services is a recognized TriMet outlet. We offer new TriMet Hop cards and also can load existing Hop cards with value. Individual daily or hourly fares are available from TriMet ticket vending machines at the MAX light rail platforms on campus. For current TriMet fare prices, please see the TriMet. Individuals who qualify for Honored Citizen fare pay half the cost of a single ride or day pass and receive a 72 percent discount off month passes. Starting July 2, TriMet will add income as.

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Allowing age-eligible, reduced-fare riders to still receive their Honored Citizen or Youth benefits even when paying with a contactless bank card. Providing monthly fare capping in the same way as.. Rodriguez said he purchased a $28 honored citizens pass on Nov. 1, but he forgot to tap the Hop pass to process a payment when he got on the MAX train yesterday. I said, 'Please don't give me a.

If you qualify — either though income, age or disability — for our Honored Citizen fare and successfully sign up and load $10 on your personalized Honored Citizen Hop card within 90 days, your. Portland TriMet recently rolled out the first-of-its-kind-in-the-US virtual smart card. The virtual Hop Fastpass account requires use of GooglePay on an Android smartphone, but doesn't require getting or using a physical Hop Fastpass. The smartphone accessing the account provides all the functionality of the physical Hop Fastpass, using the same motion of briefly holding the phone. Honored Citizen. Low income, 65+, Medicare or disability. $1.25 Ride for 2½ Hours Hop card giveaways, surveys, contests, events and more. Blog. Transit news, behind-the-scenes features and fun stuff for riders. Gear Store. TriMet t-shirts, throwback t-shirts, posters, maps and more

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Plus the virtual card works for Honored Citizen and... You Can Now Use Hop With Just Your Phone. Aug 22, 2017. You Can Now Use Hop With Just Your Phone Hop is here, and you can now pick up a card at the store and tap to pay your fare. For riders used to paying in cash or buying paper tickets, this is a huge improvement — Hop cards come with. Riders can hold their phone (or Apple Watch) near TriMet's Hop readers on MAX platforms or buses to pay their fare. They must first download the free Hop Fastpass app and buy a virtual Hop card.

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  1. Hop cards will be available for adults, honored citizens and youth. The requirements for honored citizen and youth fares will remain the same as today, so TriMet riders will still have to carry.
  2. utes and costs $2.50 for Adults 18-64, $1.25 for Honored Citizens and $1.25 for Youth. You can easily roll your luggage on board. The first train of the day arrives at PDX at 4:43 a.m. on weekdays and weekends. The last Beaverton-bound train departs PDX at 12:18 a.m., daily
  3. The Hop Fastpass Commuters in the Portland-Vancouver Metropolitan Area can use a mobile wallet or any contactless bank card to tap and ride on TriMet, C-TRAN and the Portland Streetcar
  4. Honored Citizen. Low income, 65+, Medicare or disability. Hop card giveaways, surveys, contests, events and more. call TriMet's Senior and Disabled Citizen Information 503-962-2455 (7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., weekdays) or TTY call 7-1-1 for Oregon Relay Service at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting
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The cost of a monthly Honored Citizen pass is $28, which is paid in full by the college. For more information, click here. TriMet Hop Fastpass. We've moved to TriMet's new electronic-fare system, Hop Fastpass! Hop offers easy boarding, lost-card protection and reduces paper waste TriMet worked with Google to launch the virtual card in Google Pay starting with a beta test in December 2017. It provides all the benefits of a plastic Hop card, with Adult, Honored Citizen and Youth fares available Registered Hop cards can be replaced if lost or stolen. TriMet currently only replaces annual passes that are reported lost or stolen, not day, week or month passes. youth or honored citizen. The Hop Fastpass™ electronic fare system allows you to pay your fare for use of TriMet, C-TRAN, and Streetcar by tapping your phone, contactless bankcard, or Hop Fastpass card on the readers. These terms apply to your use of the Hop Fastpass card and mobile app Unvalidated, foil stamped Adult, Youth and Honored Citizen 2½-Hour tickets and 1-Day passes, and TriMet Tickets app tickets are eligible for exchange. Exchanges are limited to $250 and 4 Hop cards per person. For amounts over $250 please visit the TriMet Ticket Office

We'll also mail you a card if you call 503-238-RIDE (7433) or email us at hoptto@trimet.org. If you email, please include your name, address (including city, state and zip code) and what type of Hop card you need (Adult, Youth, or Honored Citizen). New to Hop? Here's how to get started ️ myhopcard.com See Mor Hop Fastpass value never expires, but after three years of inactivity (or eight years of inactivity, with respect to Hop Fastpass cards registered to Washington residents), your balance will be removed. You must contact TriMet to reinstate your balance after your balance is removed Honored Citizen. Low income, 65+, Medicare or disability. $1.25 Ride for 2½ Hours Hop card giveaways, surveys, contests, events and more. two-wheeled bikes, folding bikes, and recumbents the size of a standard bike are allowed on TriMet. The racks on the front of TriMet buses can accommodate bikes with: wheel sizes from 20 inches to 29. Honored Citizen. Low income, 65+, Medicare or disability. $1.25 Ride for 2½ Hours Hop card giveaways, surveys, contests, events and more. Blog. The TriMet Tax is based on where the work is performed, and whether that location is within the TriMet District Boundary Honored Citizen Hop Card: For ages 65+, people on Medicare, and people with a disability. You'll need to get a Photo Hop card at Trimet office in Pioneer Courthouse Square. Learn more at Trimet's Honored Citizen Page. Fare Inspectors: Keep your validated ticket as proof of paying fare. Show to uniformed inspector if asked

If you qualify — either though income, age or disability — for our Honored Citizen fare and successfully sign up and load $10 on your personalized Honored Citizen Hop card within 90 days, your. 503-238-7433 (RIDE) Customer service and trip planning 7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. daily. Arrival information 24 hours a da For seniors - you are an honored citizen and for $1.25 can get an all-day ticket that is good al=n all the TriMet public transportation and even good for the airport. Considering the weather in Portland (sometimes), a ticket on their public transportation and an umbrella is all you need C-TRAN offers Hop card sales and C-VAN paper passes at these locations: Vancouver Mall Transit Center—Customer Service Office; C-TRAN also offers these special passes and programs: Youth Opportunity Pass provides free access to transit for local middle school and high school students.More information and applications can be found here.; Education Opportunity Pass/BackPass is a free transit. The card be reloaded online, over the phone, or with the Hop app using a credit or debit card. It can also be reloaded using a credit card or cash anywhere it can be purchased. Hop cards do not expire (except honored citizen cards, which must be renewed every two years). Once a loaded pass expires it can be reloaded with a new one

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TriMet Hop Fastpass Hop cards and/or value: Understanding that quantity isn't the same as location & convenience: 1. Card Distribution: Retail Network Hop™ virtual card support to personalized Honored Citizen/Low Income fare. instruments. 53% of U.S.. But in Portland, Oregon, the Trimet public transportation system considers seniors honored citizens who get half-price tickets per trip and pay less than one-third of the price of a monthly pass.

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TriMet's electronic card is called the HOP Fastpass. Since 2010, TriMet has been going through a process of simplifying their fare structure, first by ending their zone system, and then re-setting fare levels at the same level for Honored Citizens (seniors, disabled and veterans) and youth Various TriMet maps, passes and info. From right to left: three maps, a comic in Spanish, and a bike rider's guide. The five passes are: one bus transfer, two weekly passes, and two honored citizens passes that I rescued from the trash. Seattle Sound Transit guide. Two free Portland bridges bookmarks

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Virtual Hop Card for Android Troubleshooting Hop Tickets and Passes Fares and Payments Managing Your Hop Cards Tapping your Hop Card or Phone How Hop Works Promoted articles. If you're a typical TriMet rider, you'll earn a day pass after spending $5 (Adult) or $2.50 (Honored Citizen/Youth) in a day, and you'll earn a month pass after. Fares are then capped at US$5 per day and US$100 per month ($148), the equivalent of 40 trips. There are separate fares for Children (7-17) and 'Honored Citizens' (Over 65, Medicare beneficiaries and riders with a mental or physical disability) which are US$1.25 per, daily capped at US$2.5 and monthly at US$28 C-TRAN is Clark County Washington's public transportation agency. Back #80 Van Mall/Fisher's #92 Camas/Washougal #105 I-5 Express #134 Salmon Creek Expres TriMet's fourth MAX extension, the 5.8-mile, $350 million Yellow Line extended from Rose Quarter Transit Center to the Expo Center, increasing the MAX system to 44 miles with 64 stations. TransitTracker, TriMet's real-time arrival information system, became available over the telephone and via cell phones. 200 Due in part to federal law, TriMet offers half-price tickets to people ages 65 and up, people on Medicare and people with disabilities, a grouping the agency refers to as honored citizens. But over the years, U.S. poverty trends have shifted. As of 2014, 15 percent of Oregonians age 19 to 64 live in poverty

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Hop Cards are sold at retail value but TriMet would cut the $3 fee (if an institutional account is created) Biketown has agreed to reduce the annual membership fee from $144 to $99 Dan points out that TriMet fare is reduced for honored citizens For Honored Citizens and Youth riders, ID is still required. The Hop reader displays a prompt with an audible tone reminding the rider to be prepared to show proper ID. Honored Citizen or Youth fare purchases on credit cards or via mobile wallet payments will always be charged a full adult fare. Can a rider pay for two fares with a Hop card

TriMet's low-income fare program on track to exceed first

TriMet Board Meeting Wednesday, March 24, 9 a.m.-12:30 p.m. During this public meeting, TriMet's Board of Directors (acting in their capacity as the Budget Committee) will meet virtually to receive the budget message and Proposed Budget for the fiscal year July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022, and to receive public comment Apply for an Honored Citizen Hop Card with Photo ID - TriMet. Trimet.org The Honored Citizen Hop card with photo ID is a reduced fare for low-income riders, seniors, Medicare beneficiaries and riders with a mental or physical disability. For low-income riders Apply in-person at one of our community partner locations, then pick up your personalized Hop card from the TriMet Ticket Office at. trimet bus fare. trimet bus fare. Posted on February 16, 2021 by . trimet bus fare. Posted on February 16, 2021 by. The new budget doesn't include an increase in regular fares, but is the first full budget to include last September's increase in honored citizen fares for seniors and people with disabilities. The proposed low-income fare would be the same as the honored citizens's fare -- $1.25 per ticket

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By Bus: TriMet buses operate daily over an extensive network. Adult fares are $2.50, $1 for seniors (Honored Citizens) 65 and older, and $1.65 for children up to age 17. You can make free transfers between the bus and both the MAX light rail system and the Portland streetcar. Tickets are good for 2.5 hours There's buses, the MAX (max light rail) and the streetcar. They all circle mostly in metropolitan area counties (multnomah, clackamas and washington) and is pretty good, not as fast as other cities like NY but is very effective and accurate in ter.. Apply for an Honored Citizen Hop Card with Photo ID. Trimet.org DA: 10 PA: 18 MOZ Rank: 31. We'll take your photo and give you your personalized Hop card; You're good to go: Simply load money on your card, then tap it on the Hop reader each time you boar Trimet hop card price. Trimet hop pass . Trimet hop card account. Trimet hop card monthly. Trimet hop pass prices. Compare Search ( Please select at least 2 keywords ) Most Searched Keywords. Shelter plus care 1 . Xamarin forms loading modal 2 . Flavors of fall fort carson 3 . Scotts lawn customer service 4

TriMet NewsRecognizing your operator on Transit Driver AppreciationGet on Board with TriMet on Thursday, April 25 and support
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